Recyclemania 2014


February 2 - March 29, 2014

UNCW is once again participating in Recyclemania. Be sure to recycle everything! In past years we came in first place in the CAA - let's do it again this year.

Come see us at the UNCW Men's Basketball game on Wednesday, February 12th for giveaways and to learn more about Recyclemania.

sustainable seahawks:

The HRL Sustainability Committee started this blog to educate UNCW residential students on the benefits of living a sustainable life. Read the blog now.

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This page will link you to other interesting and informative sustainability site. Check out sites such as World Clock 2010, Local Sustainability Sites, and LEED.

Welcome to Sustainability @ UNCW

Sustainability is the concept of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment (environment, equity and economy).

Recyclemania 2014

What is Recyclemania? More than 40 years after the first Earth Day celebration recycling is commonplace in many communities, yet a surprisingly high amount of recyclables still go in the trash. Many colleges and universities have extensive recycling collection and education programs, yet are challenged in motivating students and staff to participate. By framing recycling in competitive terms, RecycleMania seeks to tap school spirit as a motivator to reach students who may not otherwise respond to environmental messages. In the process, the program works to reinforce the practice of recycling at an age when many college students are forming the habits and values they will carry the rest of their lives.


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E-Cycle your electronics: Just about anything with a cord! 24 hour drop-off at the Recycle Depot at Lionfish & Plyler Drive. Items accepted include:
Computers, Remote Controls, Monitors, CD/DVD Players, Televisions, Small Appliances, Speakers, Calculators, Printers, Phones, Keyboards, Radios, Mice, VCR's, Modems, and Cables.

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