Summer School 2016 Community Engagement

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See Where the Water Takes You Wilmington, NC and our Island Beaches

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Exprience Downtown Wilmington for every event, every day!

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Visit us on campus in Friday Hall, Room 1002

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Final Exams

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Full Term Monday, May 16 Thursday, July 21
Session I Monday, May 16 Thursday, June 16
Session II Monday, June 20 Thursday, July 21

Summer Education Abroad

2016 Summer Facutly-Led Programs

Learn more details about upcoming faculty-led programs, including program dates, courses offered, and the program leaders for the trip! Contact the appropriate program leader with questions about a specific program, or email International Programs with any general study abroad questions.

Consider Your Options

Summer School constitutes an integral part of the university’s year-round program. The principal academic terms of summer are two five-week sessions and one 10-week session. A variety of courses are offered for students who wish to accelerate their progress toward graduation, to supplement the academic load carried during the regular terms, or to remove grade deficiencies.

In addition, courses are offered for K-12 school teachers to renew or change fields of certification. During the summer sessions, students from other colleges and universities may be admitted as visitors by using the “Summer School Visiting Student” application. Students may earn a maximum of 8 credit hours per session.

Credit hours earned during the summer are excluded from the fifty percent (50%) tuition surcharge imposed on students who take more than 140 credit hours to complete a baccalaureate degree in a four-year program. (What is a Tuition Surcharge?)

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