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Statement of Rationale:
The Division of Student Affairs is invested in the professional career development of its staff, including professional staff and professional administrative staff. To that end, myriad opportunities exist for staff to volunteer for divisional committees and workgroups. Staff are encouraged to discuss their interests in divisional service with their supervisor before requesting to serve on a divisional committee or workgroup.

Current Student Affairs Committees and Work Groups:

Listed below are current Student Affairs committees. To express interest in a specific committee, click on the chair's name to contact the chair by e-mail.

Assessment Committee
Responsible for communicating empirically-based findings to the vice chancellor in ways that empower informed decision making. Works through the process of transitioning from a summative, evaluative understanding of assessment (student satisfaction surveys, value of service delivery surveys, etc.) to one grounded in a richer understanding of student learning. Develops a common assessment lexicon reflecting an outcomes-based approach to assessment.
Chair: Allison Smith
Members: Candice Johnston, Tim Lewis, Christina Logan, Diane Reed, Lynne Reeder, Jaime Russell, Chris Stone, Keith Wickliffe, Will Wilkinson, Larry Wray

Awards and Recognition Committee
Responsible for organizing and disseminating welcome bags for new employees within the division. Coordinates the annual divisional awards process, including nomination and committee selection process. Creates the program and hosts the annual luncheon.
Chair: Amber Resetar
Vice Chair: Candace Reeder
Liaison: Eric Simon
Members: Monica Chase, Diane Edwards, Zach Gilbert, Agnes Huang, Matt Herrington, Abby Knight, Drew Loso, Beth Ann Richards, Jamar Whitfield

Diversity Committee
Responsible for identifying staff training and development initiatives, staff recruitment and retention activities and student education. The committee presents their recommendations for action on an ongoing basis.
Chair: Brian Stelzer
Vice Chair:
Liaison: Brian Victor
Members: Stefanie Anderson, Amy Cavanaugh, Monica Chase, Sarah Crockett, Gina DeMattei, Rosalyn Hundley, RJ Kilgore, Christina Logan, Chip Phillips, Sarah Rohrman, Clifton Williams

Ethics Committee
Responsible for educating students about the importance of ethical decision making and leadership. The committee primarily facilitates presentations for student organizations/leaders, employees, and in a variety of academic classes.
Chair: Chip Phillips
Vice Chair:
Members: Bill DiNome, Amber Resetar, Michael Ruwe, Ali Scott, Chelsea Stant

Parent's Mini-Grant Committee
Responsible for awarding funding for programs for students within the Division of Student Affairs.
Chair: Chip Phillips
Vice Chair:
Liaison: Pat Leonard
Members: Jen Adler, Amelie Brogden, Bill DiNome, Peter Groenendyk, David Parker

Professional Administrative Staff Committee
Responsible for planning and coordinating the annual professional administrative staff retreat.
Chair: Sue Johnson
Vice Chair: 
Liaison: Eric Simon
Members: Lauren Auton, Megan Hiliard, Gail Hogan, Cathy Murphy, Tarita Nelms, Susan Smith, Lama Taj-Eldin, Racheal Walton

Professional Development Committee
Responsible for providing a range of opportunities for the intellectual, professional, social and cultural development of the Division of Student Affairs staff in order to increase knowledge of UNCW, enhance professional competencies and deliver exceptional service to students.
Chair: Bill DiNome
Vice Chair: Tim Lewis
Liaison: Brian Victor
Members: Stacey Huffman, Candice Johnston, Allison Smith, Chris Stone, Malorie Wolf

Tech & Web Committee (Inactive)
Responsible for assisting the division with tech and web development.
Vice Chair:

Cornerstone Community Standards Committee (Workgroup)
Co-Chairs: Chip Phillips