"As professionals,

we assume an ethical charge and duty to maintain a level of knowledge and currency in a chosen field (Bayles, 1981). Just as physicians or master plumbers are expected to be current in their knowledge of new research or improved practice, student affairs staff must accept their professional and ethical responsibility to stay abreast of change, as well.”

—Robert A. Schwartz, William A. Bryan, New Directions for Student Services, 84 (Winter 1988): 12


UNCW’s strategic plan celebrates lifelong learning as one of the University’s core values. As Student Affairs employees, we all serve as positive role models for our students when we seek professional-development opportunities. The skills we learn through these opportunities benefit not just ourselves, but also the UNCW community.

In our shared goal of "Creating Experiences for Life," we all serve as living examples to our students in the ways we improve ourselves through professional development. The links on the left side of this page offer a number of the professional development resources we recommend. Please take the time to discuss these opportunities with your supervisor in order to create a plan for your professional development at UNCW.

If you would like to add a training resource to this website, if you have difficulty accessing any information from the site, please contact Bill DiNome at 910-962-7138 or by email.

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