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Summer II bills will be issued on June 2nd. Payment is due on June 22nd. Non-payment of this bill will result in Summer II classes being cancelled.

Billing and Registration Schedule

Click here for PDF version - Spring 2016

Click here for PDF version - Fall 2015

Please read the important statements at the bottom of this page!

Summer 2016
Pre-registration BEGINS -  SeaNet available daily April 4 April 4
Pre-registration ENDS  N/A N/A
Deadline for feeds to Banner Student April 29 (1) May 27 (1)
Summer E-bill generated and uploaded to E-bill  May 2 (2) June 2
Summer II charges posted to accounts (for TP purposes) May 3 N/A
Summer TealPay Payment Plan Opens - 3 Payments May 4 N/A
Begin POSTING Financial Aid Refunds May 11 (5) June 15 (5)
Classes begin May 16 June 20
Begin ISSUING Financial Aid Refunds May 16 (4) June 20 (4)
End of Drop/Add Period  May 17  June 21
Census Date May 17 June 21
TealPay Payment Plan Deadline - 3 Payments May 18th N/A
PAYMENT DUE DATE May 18th June 22
Cancellation of classes - unflagged May 19 (3) June 23
Final Class Reinstatement Date (noon) May 23 June 27
(1) - It is extremely important that ALL semester charges be fed on or before this date so they can be includedon the semester's E-bill.  Failure to submit feeds timely may result in:     * students being issued Financial Aid refunds before all charges have posted.     * students potentially paying their bill yet getting classes dropped as charges have posted later.
(2) Only summer I tuition and fee charges billed.
(3) Summer I classes cancelled for non-payment.
(4) Students are NOT eligible for a Financial Aid refund until they have taken 6 summer hours.  Financial Aid students taking 3 credit hours in summer I and 3 credit hours in summer II will NOT have their classes dropped for summer I non-payment.  
(5)  Student Accounts will begin processing refunds on a daily basis after pulling in feeds.  Please feed transactions dailyto reduce the number of students getting a refund and later getting an additional charge.
Nadine L. Flint, Director, Student Account Services x27503   flintn@uncw.edu










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