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Tuition Waivers

Effective Date: July 1, 2011

Last Update:

Purpose: To comply with North Carolina General Statue section 116-143 and Administrative Memorandum #92 authorizing the Board of Governors to provide a waiver of tuition and fees for faculty and staff under certain conditions. The UNC Board of Governors, Policies and Procedures, Section 10000.2.2, has adopted regulations to implement the waiving of tuition and fees for qualified faculty and staff.

All permanent UNCW employees (working 30+ hours per week) participating in TSERS or ORP retirement systems are eligible for a tuition waiver for two courses during the academic year (fall and spring) at UNCW and other branches of the UNC system. A similar ‘Tuition Benefit’ is available for one course for each summer session at UNCW. All mandatory and technology fees are waived for eligible employees.

Staff interested in receiving the tuition waiver benefit must complete an online application for each course. The application must be approved by the staff member’s supervisor, department head, and Human Resources to verify eligibility. Approved forms are forwarded from Human Resources to Student Account Services.

An approved waiver form must be provided for each class a staff member wants waived. If there is a conflict between the tuition waiver request and block hour billing, the employee is contacted to resolve the issue by requesting an additional waiver form if the two course limit has not been met. If the two course limit has been met then full payment for the block range is required.

Example: A staff member submits one approved waiver form in the fall for a 3-hour class but is also taking another unrelated 2-hour class. The additional class will not trigger additional charges due to block hour billing. The staff member must turn in two approved waiver forms or no waivers will be posted.

The completed form must be received in the Student Accounts Office no later than the final add/drop date of the applicable term. Tuition waivers will not be processed after this date. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances. Contact Student Accounts for approval of an exception.

*NOTE: UNCW’s Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver program is a qualified educational assistance program; therefore, Section 127 allows for amounts up to $5,250 that would normally be taxable under Section 117(d) to be excluded from W-2reporting for graduate students. Any waiver benefits in excess of $5,250 that are not job related are taxable and reportable on W-2 forms. Additionally, the value of any education expenses (tuition and fees) paid by faculty/staff tuition and fee waiver cannot be used as the basis for any tax deduction or credit. So faculty/staff tuition waiver amounts will continue to be reported on 1098-T forms as a scholarship/grant.

Additional questions may be directed to the University by e-mail at: hendricksl@uncw.edu or by phone at (910)962-3147.

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