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Important Messages!!

Summer bills will be issued April 27, 2015. Payment is due May 20, 2015.

Non-payment of this bill by May 20, 2015 will result in summer I and II classes being cancelled.

Meet the Staff

Student Accounts Staff Members

Nadine L. Flint, Director, Student Account Services (Front row second from the left)

Matt Hinnant, Manager, Student Account Services (Front row first on the left)

Carl Torok, Lead Cashier (Front row first on the right)

Kim Lundy, Manager, Collections (Front row second from the right)

Constance Evans, Perkins Loan Collection Specialist (Front row third from right)

Stefanie Pollack ,Cashier Supervisor (Front row third from the left)

Diana Greene, Operations Assistant (Back row fourth from the front)

Linda Padezanin, Collection Specialist (Back row third from the front)

Lana Buecker, Cashier (Back row second from the front)

Sissy Hendricks, Third Party Billing Coordinator (Back row first in the front)

Mindi Miller, Cashier (Not Shown)

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