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April 2013

  • Please ask why staff are not given priority registration with Juniors and Seniors? We have restrictions and schedules that have to be worked around that are limited and quite often when registering for classes, we work a schedule with several options around our work schedules and when it is time to register all of the classes we need to work around are full. Giving just these small benefits go a long way in building and supporting positive morale.

  • Response from Jonathan Reece of the Registrar's Office:

    The process that assigns time tickets, divides the student body into three populations: a priority group, a degree-seeking group, and a non-degree group. The priority group includes:

    • Graduate students - identified by their level of GR
    • Athletes – identified by an attribute of ATHL (due to practice & match times)
    • Disabled students - identified on GOAMEDI (due to travel from class to class and scheduling signers & assistants)
    • Honors – identified by an attribute of HON (due to scheduling around honors offerings)
    • Teaching Fellows - identified by an attribute of TF
    • Certain majors - MCRT, CERT, PCRT, XCRT, XPRT, XPCR
    • Issac Bear - identified by an attribute of IBEC and major IBEC [approved 1-5-2012]
    • International - identified by a list from OIP and assigned JR time ticket, unless already SR (to help international recruitment and positively impact QEP diversity & globalization) [approved 11-2-10]
    • The degree-seeking group includes all students who are seeking degrees and not represented above.
    • The non-degree group includes visitors, special undergraduates, and others who are not working on a degree or licensure.

    Priority within each group is determined by the sum of earned credits plus current credits. Students with a higher earned+current credits register first.

    This is a scheme that has been in place for many years. It was later reviewed and approved by a Banner implementation workgroup in 2006 and has since been reviewed and approved by the associate deans.

June 2012

  • I'd love to see a change made to the tuition waiver and benefit policies to make Cape Fear Community College an eligible institution for taking classes? That way UNCW employees would be able to take one free class a semester at UNCW or Cape Fear. That would be very beneficial  to some employees. For example: an administrative assistant that wishes to get a customer service certificate, business administration AAS, or accounting AAS. It would also be very helpful to employees that work in physical plant and would like to be a student in the skilled trade programs at Cape Fear. This would make these employees even more knowledgeable in their field and would hopefully ensure more promoting from within the organization. I believe that increasing professional development opportunities targeted at career advancement would be beneficial to the University and definitely boost morale on campus. Here is the current policy:

    VII. Tuition Waiver

    A. Under UNC Board of Governors’ policy, all permanent UNCW employees

    participating in TSERS or ORP retirement systems are eligible for tuition waiver

    for up to two credit or non-credit courses per academic year (fall and spring

    semesters). Tuition waiver cannot be used for summer school courses.

    B. Eligible institutions are UNC Wilmington and other branches of the UNC system.

    Application or pre-registration procedures may differ among UNC institutions. It

    is the employee's responsibility to be familiar with any variations in procedures

    VIII. Tuition Benefit

    08.410 Page 5 of 12

    Training and Staff Development Educational Options

    Under UNCW policy, all permanent UNCW employees participating in TSERS

    or ORP retirement systems are eligible for tuition benefit for one credit or noncredit

    course for each summer session. Tuition benefit is available only for

    courses at UNCW.

    Training and Staff Development Educational Options

May 2012

  • We would like the Staff Senate to recommend to the groups continuing to send out Arts in Action postcards and brochures that they could save university resources by publishing the information on the web and emailing a link to the staff rather than mailing the postcards, etc. to the staff. Most of these paper products end up in the trash or recycling and people don't understand why they continue to spend resources on something that can be emailed.

    Response from L. Shane Fernando, Director, Campus Life Arts & Programs on 5/7/12:

    I appreciate this feedback very much.

    All of our publication materials have been moved to a web-based format, some as the sole source and others as an additional source. The Curricular Connections piece was a 12-15 page print booklet which we published twice a year and mailed to all faculty members, so that they can connect their classes to our arts and humanities programs. We converted this publication completely over to a web-based resource for our faculty members a year ago; we still receive requests for print copies, which we happily will supply when requested. We also utilize Facebook, Twitter, text messaging services and produce a digital newsletter service through Constant Contact for the Arts in Action and Leadership Lecture Series, as well as utilize the various digital community calendars which are available.

    We also have developed innovative collaborations with our Boseman Gallery with the Department of Art & Art History and Randall Library – we'll be producing a single comprehensive print calendar for the entire year, instead of each of our areas developing three separate pieces. Other materials which do remain in a print format are subscription materials for our performing arts and humanities programs in which we are dependent on sales from the campus community and community at-large, as well as special promo materials for exhibitions. At this time there is no magic bullet in terms of format to reach the diverse audiences we serve, so print media, though we strive to use these print resources strategically and target their use, is and will remain a source of audience development and outreach for the near future.

    If there are any individuals that would prefer to receive a web-based version of any of our materials, we would be delighted to accommodate this request. Simply email us at

    Thank you again for your feedback.

    L. Shane Fernando
    Director, Campus Life Arts & Programs

March 2012

  • One of my big concerns is lack of training. I know UNCW offers some training. I am signed up for many accounting and finance classes, which I’m sure will help immensely, but I really think there needs to be more training in each of the computer programs we use regularly. I’ve been working on our website- using Photoshop, Dropbox, and Contribute and I know I’m lacking in knowledge in all of those programs. I could even use more training in Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. My last few jobs didn’t have these programs available, so I feel like I’m behind the curve in a lot of them. I would like to think that I’m not the only one on campus that feels that more training would benefit us, as well as the whole university.
  • You are definitely NOT alone!! Staff training is the first item on our Top Ten List. Staff would like for the University to do the following:

    Expand training programs and opportunities for staff. Encourage supervisors to recognize benefits of training and growth for employees and the value of promoting from within the organization. Provide employees with allotted hours for skill-building training and development, similar to those allotted for community service leave.

    Read what Chancellor Miller had to say about staff training in his recent memo to Staff Senate Chair, Amy Ramsey.

    Information Technology Systems (ITS) does offer the following instructor-led workshops:

    Intro to Photoshop
    Photoshop Layers
    Photoshop Automation
    Adobe Contribute
    Web Content Manager

    For more info about instructor-led workshops see Computer Training Workshops

    You can also take Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher courses online through SkillPort. For more info about online training see SkillPort Computer Based Training & Books 24x7

    If you have any questions about how to register for training please contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC).

  • I would like to know if the university can give one time bonuses to SPA [employees]. I don't understand why they use up this money year after year on onetime items and can't find a way to compensate their employees. Is it because the state doesn't let them? If this is the case then why don't they put through legislation to change that? A onetime bonus like the city gave their employees would be better than nothing.
  • I like the idea of a [Staff Senate] forum but I believe there should be more than one opportunity because that time, unfortunately, may not be a good time for all. If you did 2 forums in the same week, I believe you'd catch more people.
  • We appreciate your support of the Staff Senate forum and were excited to have so many people interested. It was great to have high attendance at our first one. We considered doing more than one this year, but since it was our first trial run we were unsure if more than one was necessary. We also looked into streaming the event, which didn’t work out for this year. There were also budget constraints to consider. Given the strong interest and support, we will definitely be considering this next year in our planning.

  • Raises for everyone! :)
  • Free parking for staff making less than $25,000 a year
  • We need a vinyl Seahawk banner to cover the open bottom of the new scoreboard at Trask.
  • I’m concerned about the big office shuffle that’s going to happen. I’m in King Hall and we’re moving to S&B and Advancement is moving into King. This seems like a waste of money. Can’t the off campus people move into the newly finished building instead of moving everyone around? Thank you.
  • I would like the option to purchase a lower cost meal plan so that I can use food dollars on my one card. The lowest plan is still more expensive than I need, as I will never use all those meal swipes.
  • Add additional service vehicle parking spaces. It is HARD to find parking spaces anywhere near Lumina Theater for the open forums

January 2012

  • Campus social events should not be planned on Mondays or Fridays because this does not allow ALL employees to attend due to their work schedules. Some employees work 4 10’s.
  • In lieu of pay raises why not give us bonus leave. Even at Christmas, let us save vacation time and take bonus leave for holiday.
  • Why can’t we get bonus leave but have restrictions so it’s not such of a liability to the university? We could receive a onetime bonus leave gift of a couple days that we cannot be paid out for and you must use by the end of the year or a certain date. How would this cost the university money? Can the university make this happen? Who would need to approve it?
  • We are upset that little things are being taken away from us, such as all employees being invited to the service awards luncheon during employee appreciation week. If it’s a budget issue can’t we negotiate a couple lunches or dinners for employees into our contract with ARAMark?
  • Keep the REC Center free
  • No more clock tower retirement celebrations for anyone unless there is one for everyone who retires!!

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