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UNCW Staff Senate Report 2010

This year proved to be one of many “firsts” for delegates representing SPA and non-teaching EPA employees as the UNCW Staff Senate. During this our first full year with a new title -- Staff Senate, the following exciting successful actions, events, happenings and collaborations are as follows:

The first Chair-Elect played an instrumental role in helping all committees stay focused on the tasks and goals identified by the Senate.

The first ever UNCW Staff Senate Holiday Ornament Sale featuring and commemorating a different campus building each year was introduced. This sale augments the annual poinsettia sale with all proceeds going to fund scholarships for staff. Ornaments totaling 150 along with 357 poinsettias quickly sold out to faculty, staff, and students. Thanks to all for supporting the staff scholarship during these difficult economic times.

Internal audit analyzed fund raising activities and helped the Senate solidify and implement sound policies and procedures ensuring both accuracy and compliance.

UNCW faculty, staff, and students embraced the first UNC Staff Assembly service project by implementing the UNC Day of Service Food Drive on our campus. This event marked the first documented collaboration of the Staff Senate, Student Government, and the Faculty Senate. The campaign called the “Have a Heart Campaign” proved to be very successful with UNCW bringing home bragging rights by collecting and donating 2,689 pounds of nonperishable food items to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Dennis Connor, Food Bank CENC warehouse manager, said, "We really appreciate the hard work and the fine job that UNCW did on this food drive." Collected food items will be distributed throughout Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover and Pender counties. Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo thanked everyone for their generosity and for their hard work in organizing the food drive. "This is stupendous!" she noted in an e-mail. "I am so proud of UNCW." Thanks to all Staff Senate delegates for spearheading this endeavor!

Staff is truly appreciative of the open, transparent, and timely communications to faculty, staff, and students from Chancellor DePaolo and her cabinet. The commitment to avoid reductions and save staff jobs while protecting the academic core acknowledges staff as an integral part of the academic core. Kudos and congratulations to the UNCW Human Resources Department for their handling of reassignments due to the UNC General Administration legislative reductions.

First visits included a visit in January by the Director of the African American Upperman Cultural Center engaging the Staff Senate on diversity topics and the first visit, question, and answer session by a sitting Provost, Dr. Cathy L. Barlow. Dr. Barlow provided us with an overview of Vision 20/20 explaining the goals as extensions of the university’s original eight strategic goals. Both visits were enlightening and information filled.

April marked the first visit from Representative Carolyn Justice who gave us just a smidgen of an idea of the difficulty involved when hard decisions on budget cuts must be made during these economic times. Representative Justice wanted us all to take note and be mindful of the wonderful job our own Mark Lanier, Assistant to the Chancellor, accomplishes as our legislative liaison.

Even with all the budget woes swirling, the UNCW Staff Senate held their first yard sale and successfully raised $1,000 for staff scholarships.

Last but not the least first is the implementation of a fully electronic voting process for Staff Senate. There were a few glitches but all in all it is an improved process and we are grateful for ITSD’s participation and perseverance in making this happen!

Kelly Eaves-Boykin, the present Chair of the UNC System Staff Assembly, visited UNCW in March and expressed how proud she is of the UNCW Staff Senate as she points to us as the model group for all universities to emulate. Kelly works closely with President Bowles as he seeks staff feedback from the UNC Staff Assembly. President Bowles really went to bat for the UNC System during this legislative session and if not for his efforts the upcoming year would be bleak indeed.

This year the UNC Staff and Faculty Assemblies worked together and crafted joint responses to pertinent issues facing all UNC System employees. The focus this year is on staff development, collaboration, communication and community service. Our representatives to the Staff Assembly are our past chairs, Rick Thompson and Nancy Jones, along with the new chair, Sissy Hendricks. The Chair-Elect, Amy Reis, and our elected Staff Assembly Alternate, Mark Gallovic, serve and vote if any one of our representatives is unable to attend the quarterly meetings. Nancy Jones serves as an at-large delegate to the UNC Staff Assembly Executive Committee.

The Public Relations Committee honored the following staff employees -- shining the “Teal Spotlight” by interviewing and highlighting them on the website:

    • September – Lesia Heltzel – Administrative Associate Housing and Residence Life
    • October – Victoria Craven – Administrative Associate Communication Studies
    • November – Jennifer Smist – Asst Director for Center for Leadership Education and Service
    • February – Gunnar Matthews – Captain Investigations Division Commander
    • March – Ron Annis – HVAC Mechanic
    • April – Bill Myhand – Grounds Technician Athletics

Each recipient is given a complimentary lunch from ARAMARK. The Senate thanks each participant for taking the time to share their work experiences with the campus.

As another very successful year closes we continue to strive toward our main goal of endowing the Staff Senate Scholarship -- we are so close. Hopefully 2010-2011 is going to be the year – stay tuned . . . . . . . .

Respectively Submitted by Rick Thompson, Staff Senate Chair 2010-2011

UNCW Staff Senate Report 2009

This year’s 2008-09 UNCW Staff Council unanimously voted to change the name of our staff and EPA non-faculty representative organization to the UNCW Staff Senate in order to accurately describe the group’s purpose. Many of our peer institutions are called Staff Senate and the new name better identifies the group.

Our main goal for 2008-2009 has once again been to endow our scholarship; however, we realized early that in this difficult economic climate our focus needed be the funding of three scholarships awarded to staff this year. Many thanks for the cooperation we received from every area of campus as the group rose to the occasion and secured the necessary funding while spreading much holiday cheer with the annual Poinsettia sale.

The university held a Safety Symposium on September 9, 2008 and September 10th in order to ensure, as much as possible, the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff. UNCW’s safety plan is multi-faceted with an emphasis on prevention, support and education.

The newly formed Legislative Committee got organized quickly and kept everyone spot on informed during a year when information, both real and speculative, was flowing from many different sources. Mentoring by our administration was greatly appreciated as communication at UNCW was thorough, transparent and readily available to be disseminated to our constituents. Kudos goes to Mr. Mark W. Lanier, Assistant to the Chancellor for his guidance.

The Top Ten Committee is pleased to announce two of our ten issues have already been addressed. This fall a requested faculty/staff meal plan is to be implemented, as well as, additional earlier and later routes added to the shuttle system.

The Public Relations Committee honored the following staff employees -- shining the “Teal Spotlight” by interviewing and highlighting them on the website:

  • September – Evonne Daniel – Printing Services
  • October – Emma Kay Thornton – Computer Science
  • November – Sonya Kelly – Psychology
  • February – Craig Cooper – Center for Marine Science
  • March – Frank Nye – Facilities
  • April – Sharon Baucam – Financial Aid

Each recipient was given a complimentary lunch from ARAMARK. The Senate thanks each participant for taking the time to share their work experiences with the campus.

The Fund Raising Committee, working with the Public Relations Committee, proved instrumental in making sure the Staff Senate was well represented at the perks fair for employees and helped the group as a whole host a booth open for questions about us. Drawings were held at the perks fair for prizes donated by local area merchants.

Tammie McKenzie, Sherri Batson and Nancy Jones attended the only face to face UNC Staff Assembly meeting held this fiscal year at General Administration in Chapel Hill on Oct 9 and 10th. President Bowles warned of the challenges to come during this difficult budget year. He told us it was going to be a flat year meaning employees would not receive any salary raise and would be lucky to see a one-time bonus. He also expressed concern that our health care plan would be impacted and told us staff should be vigilant in trying not to lose ground. We now have employee health coverage at no charge to the employee and we have one of the few defined benefit retirement plans left in the country. The Staff Senate is very appreciative of the Chancellor’s and her Cabinet’s support for keeping staff employed and their benefits in tact as we face these budget challenges together.

The Senior Management Budget Committee was formed in November by the Chancellor to address the budget cuts necessitated by the current economic woes. Committee members are: Chief Operating Officer (Dr. Cathy Barlow), Chief Financial Officer (Mr. Charlie Maimone), Senior Associate VC–Finance (Ms. Kay Ward), Director of Budgets (Mr. Bob Russell), Faculty Senate President (Dr. Bruce McKinney), SGA President (Mr. Mark Blackwell), and the Staff Senate Chair (Ms. Nancy Jones).

Human Resources hosted two Financial Education Seminars in November partnering with the State Employees Credit Union to provide helpful information to employees in an effort to provide current strategies to employees who may need this type of information in addressing their personal financial situations.

The Communications Committee set up a virtual suggestion box where staff can ask questions, answers are gathered from the appropriate person and shared quickly. This committee was very busy this year and has made our website a very useful place to visit. A SharePoint site has also been created to enhance communication and archiving of all Staff Senate documents. This year the first UNCW Staff Senate Newsletter was published and received high praise from both administration and employees.

We received visits this year from the Chancellor, Dr. Rosemary DePaolo, the Chief Financial Officer, Charles Maimone, and the Interim Provost, Dr. Cathy L. Barlow. The Director of Human Resources, Mr. William Fleming, and the assistant to the Chancellor for Marketing and Communications, Ms. Cynthia Lawson were at most every meeting to assist and answer questions. Ms. Sharon Boyd, Associate vice Chancellor of Business Affairs, worked with our delegates and produced a parking fee schedule in which 80% of UNCW employees experienced no increase in cost for the coming fiscal year.

Mr. Max Allen, Chief of Staff, has been and was again this year a mentor for employees and deserves our special mention for his time and effort in always being our advocate.

Respectively Submitted by Nancy B. Jones, Staff Senate Chair 2008-2009

UNCW Staff Senate Report 2008

Highlights for the year

UNC Wilmington staff senate focus for the 2007-08 year has been endowing the staff council scholarship. We have reached the mid-point and have approximately 80 percent of staff council members giving a monthly donation to the endowment fund. The spring 2007 recipient, Bonnie Monteleone, spoke in April 2008 at a giving campaign luncheon to encourage staff to give to our scholarship fund.

This year staff senate has formed two new committees, the top ten committee and the legislative education committee. The top ten committee works to articulate the top 10 issues identified by SPA and EPA non-faculty to be brought forth to the chancellor on an ongoing basis. The legislative education committee informs current SPA and EPA non-faculty about issues regarding legislation of the North Carolina House and Senate and the US Congress that directly impacts the employment of SPA and EPA non-faculty at the university.

Our Public Relations Committee has been working this year on a new project where they spotlight a staff member each month on our Web site. So far, we have had two staff members, Nancy Holland from the graduate school and Elma Cosley in housekeeping services who agreed to be in our "TEAL" spotlight and each received a donated lunch certificate for their time and willingness to participate in our spotlight.

Three representatives from the UNCW Staff Senate attended the May 2008 UNC staff assembly meeting in Boone; attendees were: Sherri Batson, Nancy Jones and Tammy McKenzie.

Our campus has recently completed the interview process for a new Provost. Staff members were encouraged to participate in open forums and in the evaluation process for these candidates.

Our nominations committee has begun the process of electing new senate members. half of our delegates will rotate off of senate leaving vacancies for nominations. The election process will wrap up by mid June so that new delegates can begin their service in July.

Our campus celebrated a ground breaking for our new school of nursing building and a new LEED certified parking deck in 2008.

Highlights for the year

August 2007

Assisted with the service award luncheon for SPA/EPA non-faculty employees

September 2007

State Senator Julia Boseman and State Representative Danny McComas came and spoke to staff senate and encouraged staff to contact their elected representatives with their concerns within state guidelines.

Staff senate chair began attending the BOT meetins on a regular basis to give updates and reports

October 2007

Participated in a perks fair for employees and had a staff council booth open for questions and prizes solicited donations and prizes from local businesses for the perks fair.

Voted to have a faculty senate member attend our monthly meeting and have one of our members attend their monthly meeting to share ideas

November 2007

Our chair, Doug Yopp announced his resignation and Tammy McKenzie was announced as the chair elect

A suggestion box was created to circulate across campus so that employees could anonymously provide freedback to staff council (Communications and public relations committees joint effort)

Tobacco Coalition came and requested support of the smoking restrictions on campus agreed to poll our constituent employees about the smoking restrictions

December 2007

Enjoyed a holiday treat (cookies and punch) on behalf of the Chancellor at our monthly meeting

Drafted a proposal advising the Chancellor favorably about our findings and campus support of the smoking restrictions

Public Relations Committee began discussion about a new plan to highlight our staff

Our annual poinsettia sale was a huge success; we raised over $900 for our scholarship fund

Staff senate chair was asked to attend the planning and quality senate monthly meetings on an advisory basis

January 2008

Campus diversity asked for a staff senate representative to participate in a task force for a campus respect compact

Selected a receipient for the spring 2008 staff senate scholarship among applicants

February 2008

Council members participated in a Skill Port demonstration held by our information technology systems division

March 2008

New parking deck proposals were presented to senate with the first ever LEED certified parking deck for the UNC Wilmington campus

A search for a new Provost was announced and dates for open forums were presented to senate

April 2008

JC Boykin attended and shared with senate about staff assembly and about his participation on the HR task force

May 2008

Staff senate election process will begin as half of our delegates will rotate off of council in June

HR will give a presentation for their new 2-day new employee

  • Suggested that a staff member be added to the university academic year calendar committee to help coordinate dates with other community calendars.
  • Requested that the university consider posting a pre-review notice of proposed procedural policy changes in the Communique’ along with list of committee members. (12/12/01 )
  • Seahawk shuttle service route updates. (10/9/02)
  • Requested and received information from Business Affairs regarding departmental discretionary accounts and general fund accounts. (10/9/02)
  • Requested clarification of designated smoking area signage at Hoggard Hall. Director of Student Development Services responded and collaborated with Facilities to address the matter. (10/9/02)
  • Requested special or specified color-coded designation for pedestrian, bicycle and skateboard sidewalk areas to direct traffic in an effort in prevent accidents. Architect was selected to develop a master plan to review and recommend a long-term plan to address safe pathways for UNCW. (10/9/02)
  • Staff Council Chairperson attended Board of Governors meeting in January 2003.
  • Subcommittee of six members met in January 2003 to develop a report of recommendations for the Chancellor’s Search Committee. (5/13/03)
  • Chancellor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity established in early 2003.
  • Committee was contacted and recommended two staff employees to respond to members of the Commission. (5/13/03)
  • Staff Council invited and participated in Director of Human Resources search. (2/10/04)
  • Three members of Staff Council attended the Statewide Staff Council Meeting held on 3/9/04 at UNCG. (3/9/04)
  • Suggested and established @UNCW Editor as ad hoc committee member to Staff Council. (3/23/04)
  • By-laws subcommittee of Staff Council created. ( 3/24/04)
  • Collected Issues, Recommendations and Observations and submitted to Chancellor. ( 3/24/04)
  • Created a Missions Statement for the Staff Council.(5/4/04)
  • Submitted Resolution Concerning Salary Increases for State of North Carolina Employees.(5/6/04)
  • Library Educational Seminars.(7/6/04)
  • Created Communications Sub-committee for Staff Council.(7/6/04)
  • Created Orientation Sub-committee for Staff Council. ( 7/6/04)

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