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UNCW holds 40th Annual Staff Service Awards

Susie Goodrum and Paula Greene celebrate 35 years of service UNCW/JeffJankowski

UNCW held the 40th anniversary of UNCW’s Staff Service Awards on October 27, 2015. Two staff members (Paula Greene and Susan Goodrum, pictured above) were recognized for 35 years of dedicated service to UNCW in the Registrar’s Office and Business Applications, respectively. Overall, 44 retirees were honored and 110 employees were celebrated for their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries.

UNCW Announces Staff Award for Excellence Winner, Nominees

The University of North Carolina Wilmington recently recognized eight staff members for their contributions to the campus and the community during the Sept. 23 presentation of the 2015 Staff Award for Excellence. 

The staff members, who represent several areas on campus, were nominated by their colleagues in the areas of Customer Service, Human Relations, Outstanding State Government Service and Public Service.

After careful consideration, the UNCW Award for Excellence Selection Committee named Amy Hector, case manager in the Office of the Dean of Students, as the recipient of the 2015 Staff Award for Excellence. She will be the university’s representative for the Governor’s Award for Excellence, the highest honor a state employee may receive.

Click here to see the nominees.

UNC Staff Assembly Announces
Staff Scholarship

The Janet B. Royster (JBR) Memorial Staff Scholarship Fund was created in August of 2011 by the UNC Staff Assembly in memory of UNC-TV employee Janet B. Royster.  Janet represented UNC-TV on the General Administration Staff Forum and was subsequently elected to the UNC Staff Assembly.  She served as its first Parliamentarian until her untimely death in June 2011. 

This scholarship promotes staff development for permanent, full-time, non-faculty employees, as well as recognizes and honors Janet’s leadership and dedication to all UNC employees.

To learn more about the Scholarship visit our Scholarships page.

Faculty/Staff Textbook Scholarship Program

The Textbook Scholarship Program allows eligible UNCW employees to receive required textbook(s) from the UNCW Bookstore for undergraduate or graduate classes taken by tuition benefit or fee waiver. The program permits the use of required textbook(s) for three courses per academic year, and one course for each summer session. The benefit is for used textbooks – new textbooks are provided only if used textbooks are not available.
The Textbook Scholarship only covers textbooks for the class or classes listed on the approved tuition benefit or fee waiver form.

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