Wake up Wilmington

Wake up Wilmington

On April 19, 2010, students from Dr. Donna King’s SOC 304 Popular Culture class took to the campus to spread awareness of corporate power, labor issues, and consumerism. 

Students set up two tables where they passed out newsletters (PDF). In addition, they hung t-shirts and shoes all over campus with information about the labor abuses that each brand committed.  The newsletter (PDF) contained information on such topics as the distribution of media holdings in America, domestic labor issues, foreign labor issues, environmental consequences of consumerism, and ways this all relates to college life. 

This demonstration was due not only to the hard work of the students but a collaborative effort by Dr. King and Graduate Teaching Assistant Nick Chagnon to facilitate a student-owned and organized activism project.

Two tables were set up on campus to pass out newsletters (PDF) and inform fellow students about the pervasiveness of consumerism in their lives through "Guess that Slogan!"

Can you guess the slogan?

"Think Different"
"I'm Lovin' It!"
"Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's_____"
"Yo Quiero ____ ____"

t-shirt"Hanes t-shirts such as this one are made in factories in the Dominican Republic.  Workers are in such places of production are subject daily to verbal abuse, poverty wages ($.33 per day!), unhealthy working conditions, and aggressive anti-union campaigns. 

The average worker makes $0.33 per day. 

The CEO of Sara Lee (Owner of Hanes) makes $7 million per year."






"An Abercrombie & Fitch worker was forced to work out of the customer's sight because of her prosthetic limb."




Students from the Spring 2010 SOC 304 Popular Culture group activism project:wholeclasspic

Front row (left to right): Amanda Palm, Lauren Moseley, Karen Kleber, Andrea Wilson, Rachel Singletary, Amanda Brooks, Veronica Severn, John Taylor.

Back row (left to right): Dr. Donna King, Melissa Prieto, Vinay Thomas, Jared Durizch, Carolyn Whitfield, Amanda Jenkins, Graduate TA Nick Chagnon, Alex Baumgardner.

(Not pictured, Nicole Millard, Marchelle Nixon).

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