Hillcrest Reading Program

Degree Requirements

  1. The program requires a minimum of 34 semester hours of graduate study, 28 of which must be in Criminology and Public Sociology. No transfer credits will be accepted.
  2. All students must complete a minimum of 28 semester hours of course work.
  3. Only 6 hours of graduate coursework outside the department will count towards graduate degree credit requirements.
  4. Students may elect between an internship option CRM/SOC 598 (6 hours) or a thesis option CRM/SOC 599 (6 hours). Each student must successfully, orally, defend a thesis or internship proposal prior to registering for thesis or internship hours.
  5. Each student must pass an oral defense of either the thesis or internship option.
  6. All students are required to take 16 hours of core coursework: CRM/SOC 500, CRM/SOC 502, CRM/SOC 503, CRM/SOC 504, CRM/SOC 505, and either CRM/SOC 561 or SOC 508.
  7. All students are required to attend a Qualifying Assessment meeting near the end of completion of the first 10 hours of MA study. The purpose of the qualifying exam is to: 1) assess the candidate’s status in the program; 2) have the candidate declare a concentration in either Criminology or Public Sociology; 3) have the candidate design a course of study for the remainder of the program, with the assistance of graduate faculty. (See Qualifying Assessment summary form) (PDF).
  8. Students must earn a “B” or above in all graduate courses taken to earn graduate credit in the program.
  9. Students are expected to complete all course work within five years after enrollment.

Graduate Program in Criminology & Public Sociology

Six courses are required for all students:

  • CRM/SOC 500 Social Research Methods(3)
  • CRM/SOC 502 Evaluation, Methods and Policy (3)
  • CRM/SOC 503 Sociological Theory (3)
  • CRM/SOC 504 Data Analysis (3)
  • CRM/SOC 505 Proseminar(1)
  • CRM/SOC 561 Seminar in Criminology (required for criminology concentration) (3)
  • SOC 508 Public Sociology Seminar (required for public sociology concentration) (3)

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