Web- Enhanced (WEBE) LABS

Cardiovascular, Resistance, & Flexibility Activities – students in this lab section will have the opportunity to explore a variety of cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility activities to promote enjoyment, self-efficacy, confidence, and motivation. In addition, this section will focus on the development of self-management skills to facilitate a lifetime of wellness (i.e., self-assessment, self-monitoring, goal setting, self-planning, coping skills, consumer skills, and time management).

Conditioning/ Group Activities
In this web-enhanced (WEBE) lab section, students will participate in a variety of individual and group physical activities to improve health and/or fitness (depending upon personal goals). One day per week will be focused on individual conditioning activities to work toward personal health/wellness goals and to contribute to  the national physical activity and health guidelines (i.e., muscular strength, muscular endurance including core and functional training), cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility activities (online logs will be required for individual conditioning days). The other day will be devoted to group activities including circuit training, games, and other anaerobic exercises.

Exercise Bands, Bosu Balls, medicine balls, and body weight will be used to develop muscular strength and endurance during these lab activities. Students will be required to monitor their personal health/wellness program throughout the semester. This section is specifically designed for students with a variety of health/fitness levels and goals, and would like the opportunity to participate in both individual and group physical activities. In fact, that is essentially the benefit of this unique WEBE LAB section; students will have the opportunity to explore new activities both individually and in a group environment to determine their preferences for developing their lifetime wellness plan.

Students in this web-enhanced (WEBE) lab section will participate in one day of tennis and one day of individual total body conditioning exercises each week (e.g., jogging, push-ups, stair-climbing, crunches, etc.) at no specific meeting time or location (with required online logs). All levels of tennis players are welcome from beginners to advanced, as the instructor will accommodate students’ needs as best possible. Students will learn the basic tennis strokes, rules, scoring, and then end the semester with participation in a 'friendly' tournament. Explanations of how to incorporate tennis into a lifetime physical activity and wellness program will be addressed throughout this lab section.

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