PED 101 Physical Activity and Wellness

Pre-Activity Screening

As a part of PED 101 Physical Activity and Wellness, you will be required to participate in physical activity. It is strongly suggested that you visit a medical professional prior to the beginning of the course and obtain a physical. You may be required to obtain a physical prior to being allowed to participate in class it you have not previously done so within 14 months of the start of class and/or based upon information you will provide your instructor (see below). Since participation is a mandatory part of the course, your failure to obtain a physical after being instructed to do so may result in being dropped from PED 101. Any restrictions placed on your participation following a physical, however, will not adversely affect your grade.

All PED 101 students must complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) the first week of classes and prior to any physical activity participation.

Students answering “YES” to one or more of the seven questions on the PAR-Q are required to have a physical exam on file with the Student Health Center within the previous 14 months and no later than within two weeks of the PAR-Q completion.

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