Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance


Find Funding

There are several databases that you can use to search for funding. The most common are:

  • Grants.Gov - Your source to find and apply for federal grants. You can register in as an individual to begin receiving email alerts about grant opportunities in your discipline. You do not have to register in to apply for grants. Submission of applications is a SPARC function.
  • InfoEd Global -

    SPIN Global Suiteis the single solution for Researchers and Principal Investigators who desire to spend less time doing the arduous and labor-intensive steps of searching, but still be presented with ideally-suited and perfectly matched funding opportunities.

    The SPIN Global Suite is comprised of two powerful InfoEd Solutions:

    • SPIN, the World's Largest Database of Funding Opportunities
    • GENIUS, the Complete InfoEd Expertise Management Solution

    SMARTS, the third member of the Power Trio, logically draws upon SPIN and GENIUS to deliver to you highly-targeted funding opportunities that exactly match your defining criteria, expertise, and research focus.
    Click here for tutorial on how to get started as well as setting up SMARTS funding alerts.

  • Foundation Search - UNCW has a subscription to Foundation Search online. FoundationSearch is North America's leading source of fundraising information for non-profits and charities. Our online resource includes more than 120,000 foundations, representing billions of dollars in annual granting, and includes tools to locate grants by type, value, year, recipient, donor and historical giving trends, and much more. Along with BIG Online, FoundationSearch is a key resource for the nonprofit sector, and an integral part of Metasoft's mission to help non-profits efficiently identify, attract, and manage the relationships and resources vital to the fulfillment of their philanthropic missions. Call the office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance for access.
  • Foundation Center - Philanthropy News Digest, a service of the Foundation Center, host a list of requests for proposals on its site. Emails of the Directory are forwarded to the Research ListServ.
  • - Science Magazine hosts a website that includes a searchable database of grant opportunities. Included is a list of upcoming deadlines, funding news, an index of fellowship opportunities and an opportunity to sign-up for a weekly email alert.

Here are the links to several of the federal agencies who have funded UNCW Research in the past:

The State of North Carolina commonly funds research. Here is a sample of those departments:

Several private nonprofit organizations also fund research. Here is just a few of those entities.

Charles L. Cahill Awards

Within UNCW, full-time tenured and tenure track UNCW faculty are eligible for seed money for the initiation of projects that subsequently may attract funding from other sources, encourage new research or artistic endeavors, support travel to research collections, and encourage the development of specific professional skills. If you are interested, click here to get the guidelines . The application is available in Pdf or MS Word.