Williams develops finance model

John Cameron WilliamsWhile working for clinical research organization Inclinix as a graduate student, John Cameron Williams '10 developed a finance model that allows the company's project managers to compare projects side by side.

Using Microsoft Excel and thousands of lines of VBA code (a programming language used to develop computer applications), Williams developed an application that allows the project managers to enter and update individual project information.

"The executives could either view a high-level summary of the projects to evaluate the progress of each project, or they could dig deeper into the details of a particular project," Williams says. "By offering a uniform system of evaluating multiple projects, the executives could determine which projects were most profitable and which projects were over-budget or behind schedule."

Williams graduated from UNCW's Masters of Accountancy program in 2010; he received an undergraduate business degree with a concentration in accounting from UNCW in 2008. He interned with Inclinix during the Fall 2009 semester.

"Without my accounting knowledge, I certainly would not have been able to develop a Finance Model that was useful to the company," Williams says. "My UNCW studies helped me to understand how Inclinix's business operated, so that I could specifically tailor the Finance Models to their needs."

Williams went on to develop another VBA application as a graduate assistant for Dr. Lorraine Lee in UNCW's Department of Accountancy & Business Law. He recently accepted an auditing job with Deloitte & Touche, LLP - one of the world's largest professional services firms.

-- Lindsay Key '11MFA