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Laura Bagge

UNCW Alumna Discovers Crustacean Camouflage
Laura Bagge ’08, ’11M first discovered marine biology catching ghost crabs during summer visits to the aquarium near Emerald Isle, NC. That early interest inspired her to major in biology and marine biology at UNCW.


Panda Powell Travels to Russia to Work with Fellow Research Administrator
Director of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance Panda Powell recently returned from a trip to Russia to help build their university research administration capabilities. Powell was in the country Nov. 6-12 to work with a counterpart from Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University and attend a conference at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.


Student Using Ipad

Inside Our Bones: 3-Dimensional MRI imaging in the classroom
Imagine doctors looking inside their patient’s bones, seeing each layer in order to pinpoint a problem without ever resorting to the operating table. Imagine researchers manipulating 3-D images of their subjects, breaking them down layer by layer without physical dissection. These scenarios may seem futuristic, but in reality this is cutting-edge research happening in labs and hospitals across the country. And now, it’s happening in UNCW classrooms.


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Pakistani Scholars Arrive in Wilmington to Collaborate with UNCW Faculty in Grant Partnership
Six scholars from International Islamic University in Islamabad are spending three weeks at UNCW as faculty in residence as part of a three-year State Department grant to promote educational and cultural exchanges between American and Pakistani universities. The group is expected to be in Wilmington through Nov. 26.


Karl Ricanek

UNCW Computer Scientist Collaborates with Others to Analyze Fitness Tracker Data to Predict Consumers’ Health and Longevity
Using sophisticated algorithms developed at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, researchers now have the ability to translate data from wearable fitness trackers into reliable measures of consumers’ health and longevity.


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