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Embodying the Other: Pedagogical Research to Achieve Loving Perception

Lights, camera, action. This is a familiar phrase in the filmmaking world. It’s a condensed retelling of what goes into creating a movie, a documentary or a television show. For Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, associate professor of communication studies at UNCW, the popular phrase disregards the intricate and sometimes arduous process of making a film through the lens of performance ethnography. According to Scott-Pollock, performance ethnography is a way to experience and find empathy with another cultural experience through performing the narratives of individuals within that culture.


Student Researchers

Researchers Unite to Reduce Stress of Veterans with PTSD

The homecoming of a soldier should be an exciting experience; a breath of relief for loved ones waiting eagerly at home. But what happens when what should be a joyous reunion is interrupted by the reality of war? Post-traumatic stress disorder shakes the expected reentry into one of fear and anxiety.  According to United States Veteran Services, approximately 12% of US Iraqi veterans experienced PTSD. Each of those diagnosed must go through six to eight hours of testing immediately once returning to America, a long, grueling burden that senior statistics major Danielle Gaal and psychology graduate student Angela Sekely are trying to ease.


Fish Eggs

UNCW Aquaculture Faculty Receive NC Sea Grant

North Carolina has the benefit of offering some truly beautiful and varied natural landscapes. From the mountains to the plains to the beaches, the state appeals to nature lovers of all kinds. UNCW researchers are exposed to unique opportunities in biology and marine biology, thanks to the university’s unique coastal location.


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