Department of Psychology

Anne-Marie R. Iselin (formerly Leistico)

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Dr. Anne-Marie R. Iselin, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, 2007.

M.A., University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, 2003.

B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999.

Teaching Lab Building, Room 2019.
UNCW, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 962-2883 |

My research investigates multiple facets of antisocial behavior in adolescence, including how it develops, how it is best treated, and what factors lead to desistance from such behaviors. I am engaged in several research projects that accomplish these aims. One project is a longitudinal, cross-cultural study of how emotion regulation and social information processing influence the relations between parenting styles and aggression in early adolescence. A second project examines whether early intervention with children at high-risk for antisocial behavior creates lasting biological, social, and behavioral changes in young adulthood.

My research also involves policy engagement with the state of North Carolina. In this capacity, I consult with the state legislature (e.g., alternatives to suspension in schools, raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction) and work with key officials within the state of North Carolina's Division of Juvenile Justice.

Selected Publications

Iselin, A. R., Mulvey, E. P., Loughran, T. A., Chung H. L., & Schubert, C. A. (2012). A longitudinal examination of serious adolescent offenders' perceptions of chances for success and engagement in behaviors accomplishing goals. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 40, 237-249.

DeCoster, J., Iselin, A. R., & Gallucci, M. (2009). A conceptual and empirical examination of justifications for dichotomization. Psychological Methods, 14, 349-366.

Iselin, A. R., & DeCoster, J. (2009). Reactive and proactive control in incarcerated and community adolescents and young adults. Cognitive Development, 24, 192-296.

Iselin, A. R., DeCoster, J., & Salekin, R. T. (2009). Maturity in adolescent and young adult offenders: The role of cognitive control. Law and Human Behavior, 33, 455-469.

Mulvey, E. P., & Iselin, A. R. (2008). Improving professional judgments of risk and amenability in juvenile justice. The Future of Children, 18, 35-57.

Leistico, A. R., Salekin, R. T., DeCoster, J., & Rogers, R. (2008). A large-scale meta-analysis relating the Hare measures of psychopathy to antisocial conduct. Law and Human Behavior, 32, 28-45.


PSY-247: Abnormal Psychology