Pre-Professional Programs

PULSE School Visit

PULSE Learning Community

PULSE is a non-residential Learning Community designed specifically for first-year students who plan to pursue a graduate degree for their future health career. All students in PULSE will be enrolled in the same sections of the following:

  • BIO 201: Principles of Biology: Cell
  • CHM 101: General Chemistry
  • UNI 101: First-Year Seminar
Over the past 3 years, reports show that PULSE students typically earn higher grades in their linked Biology & Chemistry courses compared to their peers. For example, our PULSE 2015 cohort earned ~0.5 higher GPA than others enrolled in those science courses. This program proves to be a great start to help students achieve academic success in prerequisites like BIO 201 and CHM 101 - two courses that are traditionally required for admission into any dental, medical and other allied health graduate programs. In addition, students complete UNI 101, a requirement for all first-year students to graduate from UNCW.

Why should YOU join PULSE?

  • Take the same 3 classes and labs with motivated students like you
  • Begin completing entrance requirements for graduate programs early
  • Serve the community in a PULSE volunteer project
  • Participate in a visit to a graduate health program in North Carolina
  • Receive first-hand information from Pre-Professional Advisors in UNI 101

Applications will be reviewed periodically throughout the spring semester. Candidates with strong applications will be given priority enrollment. Please email or call University College at (910) 962-3245 and ask to speak with a Pre-Professional advisor for any questions regarding the PULSE Learning Community.