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UNI 292: Civic Engagement for Pre-Health Professions

The Civic Engagement for Pre-Health Professions is a two-credit course designed to facilitate civic engagement for pre-health students. Students gain a better understanding of becoming an engaged citizen in the pre-health community by volunteering, reflecting on experiences, building leadership skills and educating others. This course provides pre-health students with opportunities to engage in meaningful service in the local community and gain a broad understanding of strong leadership that can impact change in healthcare while preparing for a successful graduate school application process.

Students say...

"The most important thing I learned in [this course] is that in order to be successful in this competitive field we are are entering, you have to know yourself." - Caitrin, Spring 2014

"There are many different aspects of applying to grad school that can seem overwhelming and this class helped me look at it in a more manageable way." - Alexander, Spring 2014

"I am extremely grateful for this class because it has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and get more serious about my future health profession." - Meredith, Spring 2014

Service Trips & School Visits

Each semester that this course is offered, students are provided with the opportunity to visit an institution that specializes in graduate health programs and participate in a service project.

Spring 2014
UNI 292 Campbell University

UNI 292 Volunteer Project

Spring 2013
UNI 292 George Washington University

The course is offered each spring and students must receive the instructor's permission to take this course.
Students who have participated in the PULSE Learning Community are not eligible for this opportunity.

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