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Health Professions Leadership Program

About the Program

The Health Professions Leadership Program is an opportunity for students pursuing health careers to develop an awareness of leadership traits essential to becoming successful health professionals in today's society. The program consists of 4 interactive workshops and a service requirement that can be completed over the duration of the student's enrollment at UNCW. Completing this program also fulfills the Awareness of Others requirements for the Leadership Development Program coordinated by the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement. All students are welcome to attend workshops offered by the Health Professions Leadership Program; completion of the Leadership Development Program or the Health Professions Leadership Program is not required for students to attend.

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in this program will:

  • Sharpen their leadership traits most advantageous for successful leaders in healthcare
    • Develop effective communication skills favorable for the healthcare industry
    • Explore decision-making processes that produce quality outcomes
    • Identify personal values and its' impact on future leadership roles in healthcare
    • Apply healthcare leadership competencies to real-world examples

Requirements for Completion of the Health Professions Leadership Program

  • Attend 4 Workshops (Offered during Pre-Health Student Week each Spring)
    • Foundations of Healthcare Leadership
    • Values-Based Leadership in Healthcare
    • Decision-Making for Future Healthcare Leaders
    • Effective Communication for Healthcare Professionals
  • Participate in 4 Health-Related Experiences
    • Hold a leadership role in a pre-health student organization
    • Serve as a representative of the University for a health-related department
    • Employment at a health-related facility
    • Shadowing a health professional
    • Engage in recurring health-related volunteer work
    • Philanthropy for a health-related group or organization of which you are a member
  • Critical Reflection (To be submitted to PreProfessional Programs at
    • After completing the workshops and health-related experiences, you will create a reflective artifact (video, paper, photographic exhibit, etc.) that should address the following components relative to your experiences:
      • How did your health-related experience relate to the knowledge gained in the workshops?
      • What skills have you strengthened or acquired having completed the Health Professions Leadership Program?
      • How will you apply your learning to your future graduate preparation and health profession?
      • How does this knowledge impact your perception of becoming a leading health professional?
      • Based on your experiences and discussions, how committed is the health profession to serving diverse populations? What can you do to increase inclusivity as a health professional?
  • Personal Tracking Sheet (To be submitted to Pre-Professional Programs at
    • Along with your critical reflection, students who wish to complete this program should provide the following information on a personal tracking sheet.
      • Workshop Attendance Log (Date, Presenter Name, Presenter #/email)
      • Experience Completion Log (Date, Contact Name, Contact Role/Title, Contact #/email)

Note: To fulfill the Awareness of Others requirements as part of the Leadership Development Program, please abide by the requirements listed in the program booklet provided by Office of Student Leadership & Engagement. The same experiences and artifacts can be submitted for both.