The UNCW University Police Department sponsors many programs. Presented here are just a few of the more popular programs.

PAC'N program
RAD program
Bicycle registration program
Operation ID
Buckled and Sober at 25
UNCW Crime Tip Line
Emergency Call Boxes
Ride-Along Request Form
Child Passenger Safety

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PAC'N - Police and Community Networking

For approximately 10 years the University Police Department has coordinated crime prevention and community policing activities through the PAC'N Program. PAC'N Officers, who are assigned to the Bike Squad, focus their efforts on the residential areas of the campus. These specially trained and selected police officers work especially close with resident students, as well as Resident Assistants and Resident Coordinates of the Office of Housing and Residence Life. PAC'N Officers assist these community members in defining problems, developing solutions, and implementing strategies to solve problems and prevent crimes. In addition to this, PAC'N Officers conduct investigations and facilitate a variety of educational programs including RAD, Bike Safety and Security, Operation Identification, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Personal Safety, and Property Security. For more information contact the PAC'N Office at (910) 962-3933.

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Click here to see the RAD class schedule and register online!


Fact: About 3 percent of college women experience a completed and/or attempted rape during a typical college year.

Fact:1 out of every 4 college women polled was sexually assaulted during four years of college.

RAD is a course developed for women only that has established standards of acceptability for female self-defense. It teaches tactics and techniques that are hands on and realistic in nature. This course is taught by certified instructors and comes with a workbook and a lifetime membership in the RAD system. Classes are scheduled two times a semester. Special classes can be requested by interested groups. For more information about RAD contact Keli Kotler at the University Police Department at (910) 962-2222 or register Online using the link below. Problems with the online registration, please contact Keli Kotler.

Click here to see the RAD class schedule and register online!

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Bicycle Registration


The most frequent crimes at UNCW are larcenies, among these bike thefts. Many of these losses could have been prevented with little effort. The following actions are recommended.

  • Always lock your bike to a bike rack
  • Purchase a good quality u-bolt style lock
  • Register your bike with University Police – It’s mandatory and FREE.

In the event your bike is stolen and later recovered, the registration will help identify your bicycle. Without a registration sticker, law enforcement personnel cannot identify the owner of a bicycle and therefore are unable to return it to its owner.
To register your bike, take it to the University Police Department 24-hours a day.

Bike Registration Form

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Operation ID

Operation ID is a nationwide program designed to discourage burglary and theft of valuables. It also provides a means for law enforcement to identify stolen property and prove ownership.

Since many criminals steal valuables for resale, marking your items with a permanent identification number, such as your driver's license number and state abbreviation, may prevent the criminal from selling them and lead him/her to look for an easier and more profitable target.

Engravers and inventory sheets are available from the University Police Department. It is recommended that you mark your property with your driver's license number and state abbreviation. If you cannot engrave or write on an item, take a photo of it. You should also create record of your property that includes serial numbers and other markings, makes/models, value, and date of purchase. Examples include: computers, laptops, stereo equipment, calculators, textbooks, jewelry, cellular phones, compact discs, and computer games. Additionally, any items that may be identical to other students' property should be marked, such as blow dryers, irons, etc. This may prove ownership and prevent mix-ups and disputes.

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Buckled and Sober at 25

The UNCW Police Department, along with other local and state law enforcement agencies, is proud to participate in the North Carolina's Governor's Highway Safety Initiative.

Buckled and Sober at 25 is the University Police Department's traffic campaign intended to reduce incidents of impaired driving and increase voluntary compliance with passenger restraint and speed laws. This traffic campaign consists of two phases – Education and Enforcement. At announced times of the year the University Police Department will conduct programs to heighten awareness of and compliance with these traffic laws. This educational phase is supported by increased traffic enforcement, including the campus 25 MPH speed limit, as well as seat belt and DWI checkpoints.

Stay buckled and sober at 25!

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Crime Tip Line

UNCW University Police Crime Tip Line is an easy way to report crimes to the University Police Department. Call 962-TIPS(8477) or complete the Anonymous Crime Report Form by clicking the send button. All information will be kept confidential and you do not need to give your name. Help keep UNCW a safe place to live, work, and learn.

Click here for the Anonymous Crime Report Form

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Emergency Call Boxes


Almost 100 Emergency Call Boxes have been strategically placed throughout the campus of UNCW. These Call Boxes are available as a convenient means to communicate with UNCW Police Department. Whether you need an escort, assistance jumpstarting/unlocking your car, directions, or are experiencing a true emergency, Call Boxes are available for your use. To activate the box, press the button on the front and wait for an answer to come from the box. When talking, press the button and speak clearly into the speaker of the box.

See the Call Boxes on the Interactive Campus Map!

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Ride-Along Request Form*

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, or simply want to experience another perspective, ride along with a UNCW Police Officer during a shift. If you would like more information on this program or want to schedule a ride along, please complete and return the Ride-Along Request Form, and you will be contacted.

UNCW Police
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

Tel: (910)962-2222
Fax: (910)962-4228

*Note: Certain restrictions may apply

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Child Passenger Safety

Most safety experts agree that nearly 85% of child safety seats are installed and/or used incorrectly. Since Child Passenger Safety is a constantly evolving field, staying up-to-date with the frequently changing technology, vehicles and laws can be quite challenging. The UNC-Wilmington Police Department has a nationally certified child passenger safety technician that can assist with proper installation and find an answer to any question you may have regarding child passenger safety. Contact Lieutenant J. T. Watkins at ext. 2222 or at with questions or to schedule a time to have your child passenger safety seat inspected for proper installation and checked for any recent safety recalls.

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