UNCW’s strategic plan is being implemented during a period of change, with new leadership anticipated for appointment in 2015. The current strategic action plan (links below) is a dynamic working document. It incorporates major elements from previous strategic planning, includes sample measures, draws on broad campus input during the period over which it was developed, and features maps to the statewide UNC Strategic Directions document (also linked below). During 2014-15, a key campus priority will be the integration of the strategic action plan and the university’s unified budget process. To provide the background and context for current planning efforts, links to earlier strategic planning documents also are provided below.



UNC--"Our Time Our Future: The UNC Compact with North Carolina, Strategic Directions 2013-2018 (associated dashboards and supporting reports). Call for Comment from UNCW Campus: Draft Strategic Action Plan.



UNCW Strategic Plan (2004-2012)--Transforming Ideas into Action) (amended 2009) Planning Timeline 2003 - 2011
Articulation of Quality
(As amended by the Planning Council, December 4, 2007)

Our Vision for 2020 (HTML)

Benchmark Study 2003 Soaring to Greatness: Progress 2003 - 2009
(Published by UNCW Marketing and Communications, October 2010)
Budget Planning Workshop 9-10-09 Strategic Plan Alignment with UNC Tomorrow Priorities
(As presented to the Planning Council, April 22, 2008)
Five-Year Retention and Graduation Plan
(Submitted to GA, May 1, 2007)
Strategic Priority 2009-10
(As recommended by the Planning Council, May 2009, and approved by the Cabinet, June 2009)
Long-Range Planning 2006-2011
(Submission to Office of the President, May 2005)
Supplement to Long-Range Planning (External Link)
(Published by UNC-GA, August 2006)
Planning-Budgeting Calendars (Excel)
Sorted by budget process | Summary
UNC Tomorrow Phase I Response Report
(Submitted to GA May 1, 2008)
Planning Glossary UNCW Institutional Effectiveness Cycle Schematic
Priority Progress Measures
(As amended by the Planning Council, October 20, 2009)
UNCW Strategic Plan Incorporating Our Vision for 2020 (HTML)
(As approved by the Planning Council, May 10, 2011)
Progress Measures Update, Fall 2010
(Published by Institutional Research and Assessment, September 2010)
Progress Measures and Accountability Measures (As approved by the Planning Council, May 10, 2011)


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