Physical Oceanography Students

The Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography is a unique department, combining both physics and physical oceanography. In the near future there will be a new degree option in Physical Oceanography. For more information see Physical Oceanography at UNCW.

Some of the Undergraduate Physics Majors Doing Projects in Physical Oceanography

Iain Joseph - graduated Spring 2010
Kurt Baker
Chris O'Connor

M.S. in Marine Science - Physical Oceanography

Our faculty also contribute to the Masters in Science in Marine Science. Past students are listed at their graduates page and current student are on the student page. Those whose research emphasis is on physical oceanography are listed below.

Current Students

Andrew Carroll
Undergraduate Institution:  Virginia Wesleyan College
Undergraduate Major:  Earth & Environmental Science
Faculty Advisors: Dr. John Morrison

Zachary Williams
Undergraduate Institution: UNC Wilmington
Undergraduate Major: Physics
Faculty Advisor: Dr. McNamara 

Andrew Whitley
Undergraduate Institution: UNC Wilmington
Undergraduate Major: Physics
Faculty Advisor:  


Michael Taylor - 2010
Undergraduate Institution: University of Georgia
Undergraduate Major: Physics
Graduate Advisor: Dr. John Morrison
Thesis: Wind driven mixing and sediment resuspension during fall transition storms in Onslow Bay, North Carolina

 Ebenezer Nyadjro - 2009
Undergraduate Institution: University of Ghana
Undergraduate Major: Oceanography and Fisheries
Graduate Advisor: Dr. John M. Morrison
Thesis: Spatial and temporal dynamics of benthic chlorophyll formation on the northwest Florida continental shelf

Chris Canaday - 2007
Undergraduate institution: North Carolina State University
Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Fred Bingham
Thesis: Barotropic M2 Tidal Analysis of Onslow Bay

Ben Speckhart - 2004
Undergraduate institution: Longwood College, VA
Undergraduate degree: BS – Physics, math minor
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Fred Bingham
Thesis Title: Observational Analysis of Shallow Water Response to Passing Hurricanes in Onslow Bay, NC in 1999 

Amanda Smith - 2002
Undergraduate Institution: Appalachian State University
Undergraduate Degree: BS-Applied Mathematics
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Fred Bingham
Thesis Title: The Physical Effects of Hurricanes in Onslow Bay, NC During 1999.

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