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UNCW Auxiliary Services, in coordination with SGA, are excited to announce the all new Teal Terminal @ UNCW Station. The university's Shuttle Services and Wave Transit have partnered together to bring you this all-new feature. Teal Terminal was created to provide riders with the estimated time of arrival for the shuttles, and to inform them of any maintenance or safety issues. The terminal screens display a map showing the real-time location of each shuttle, using GPS technology.

In addition, Teal Terminal features an advertising system exclusive to SGA and other Student Organizations. Student Organizations can submit their event or news announcement to Teal Terminal to be advertised for one week on the terminal screen. Moreover, Teal Terminal understands the importance of safety and awareness on campus. There is also an emergency scroll feature on the screen to alert passengers about shuttle delays and other campus alerts.

Interactive Features at Teal Terminal Brand

Live Shuttle Map

real time bus map

Student Organization Advertisement System

UNCW Auxiliary Services and SGA have partnered to offer this excellent feature at Teal Terminal. Student Organizations can submit their event or news announcement to be scrolled on seven second intervals, as advertisements, on one of the Teal Terminal screens. Student Organizations should familiarize themselves with the Teal Terminal Submission Parameters before submitting announcements for publication via the online submission form. This is a great marketing tool for Student Organizations to utilize!

Emergency Alert System

The safety of our Students, Faculty, and Staff are very important to UNCW and Teal Terminal. To continue to support the safety and awareness initiative on campus, Teal Terminal has implemented a scroll bar feature on the estimated time of arrival screen, to alert students and the campus community about any emergency or safety issue. The scroll bar will also alert riders to any maintenance issues with the suttles, or if a shuttle is delayed on a route due to unforseen matters.


Teal Terminal saves MoneyTeal Terminal Saves TimeTeal Terminal Saves the Planet


Shuttle services on campus are completely free with your UNCW One Card! Instead of biking to class in the hot sun or walking in the rain, students can ride the WAVE shuttle buses to, from, and around campus. Students are also able to ride the WAVE Transit city buses for free with their UNCW One Card! Simply take a shuttle bus to a WAVE transit stop, and go almost anywhere in town, such as the mall or downtown. Remember to keep the shuttle schedules in mind when planning to sit back, relax, and ride - all while saving money!


Time is something that everyone could use more of, and Teal Terminal values our riders' time! When students use shuttle services on campus, they can leave the driving to us and have more time to study for tests, or put the final touch on projects or speeches for class. With the Teal Terminal screen innovations, more time will be saved by knowing where a shuttle is on a route, and knowing when a shuttle will arrive to the station. By riding the shuttles and saving time, students will feel more relaxed, and of course not have to worry about trying to find a parking space!


The fewer people who use their cars on a daily basis, the smaller our carbon footprint will be here at UNCW, and riding the shuttles is a great way to make less of an environmental impact. Students are also able to take a bike or skateboard on the shuttles to get from their shuttle stop to their class. UNCW and Teal Terminal takes pride in our commitment to sustainability. Read more about our Sustainability iniciatives.

CREST Shuttle atTT brand logo

The CREST shuttle takes riders to the Center for Marine Science at CREST Campus. UNCW is very excited to offer this service to our students, faculty, and staff!


The CREST Shuttle is operated by UNCW. It has the following innovations:

    • WIFI is available!
    • The Shuttle operates on a 30-minute route to and from CREST campus, and will arrive to Teal Terminal every hour.


Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Operates on a 60-min. schedule.
Last round leaves UNCW Station at 5:00 p.m.

Shuttle Stop First AM Last PM
UNCW Station 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
CREST Campus 8:30 AM 5:30 PM

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