Bicycles on the UNCW campus


Bicycle parking is located throughout the campus and is designated by the presence of racks or designated bicycle parking areas. All bicycles should be parked to provided parking racks only.

Bike Education Week October 5th - 8th

"Bagels and Bikes" An Education Initiative to Promote Proper Bicycle Parking and Bicycle Registration

In an effort to improve the aesthetics of our beautiful campus and overall bicycle culture at UNCW, Parking & Transportation is working to “end the cycle” of inappropriate bicycle parking and unregistered bicycles. You may have noticed a lot of bicycles locked to handrails, benches, trees, picnic tables, etc. which disrupts our campus community. If you have a bicycle on campus, please only lock it to a bike rack. If you don’t see one available, please look for one – there are bike racks on most sides of most buildings. Meanwhile, we’ll work on installing more bike racks for you. Please do not lock it to a bench, a light post, or a tree. If it is locked to a handrail, call box, or if it is blocking any pedestrian access, the bicycle can be impounded by University Police.

Also, we urge everyone who has a bicycle to make sure it is registered. You can do this online at or by visiting Auxiliary Services at Warwick Center (where you get your one card and parking pass). Bicycle theft is the #1 reported crime on campus – if your bicycle is registered, we can help you locate your bike in the event it is stolen.

To help encourage people to follow these guidelines, we will be tagging bicycles with a note providing additional information on bicycles that are improperly parked and/or not registered. Please take this as a word of encouragement to help create a more aesthetically pleasing environment and to help prevent bicycle theft. If you have any questions, please email

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is mandatory and FREE by Parking and Transportation, and can be completed online at Registration will help to identify your bicycle in the event your bike is stolen. To register your bike, you will need:

bicycle repair stationSelf-Service Bike Repair Stations

Self-service bike repair stations have been installed in 3 convenient locations on the UNCW campus:

General Bicycle Information

In North Carolina, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. As such, N.C. traffic laws require bicyclists to:

Regulations Concerning the Use of Bicycles on Campus

Bicycle rack at Westside HallWhen riding on campus streets, operators of bicycles and mopeds must abide by the rules of UNCW Parking & Transportation Regulations, which are in effect at all times.

Bicycles or mopeds may not be chained or otherwise secured to handrails or traffic signs, or placed in any manner which may create a safety hazard by obstructing passageways, stairs, entrances or exits.

Bicycles impeding pedestrian traffic including access for the disabled may be impounded without prior notification and an impoundment fee of $25 will be charged.


Bicycles parked or operated in violation of the Parking & Transportation Regulations are subject to a $25 fine. Fines are assessed and collected through established university debt collection procedures. Fines may be paid at the University Cashier’s Office.

The Department of University Police has the authority to use whatever means necessary to impound illegally parked bicycles and mopeds; locks and chains are removed at the owner’s expense. The university will not be held liable for bikes or securing devices (locks) which are damaged during impoundment. Proof of ownership is required to claim impounded bicycles or mopeds. Unclaimed bicycles and mopeds are disposed of in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes. Violators of this policy will be issued a campus citation set at $25 plus any damages.

Bicycle Removal

Bicycles are removed annually to make sure there is ample space for current students and their bicycles, to avoid hazards resulting from broken bikes and to keep the campus attractive to prospective students and guests.

In the academic area, bicycles that are damaged or missing parts will be removed. Bicycles located in Seahawk Village, Seahawk Landing, and Seahawk Crossing will be picked up if they are damaged or missing parts. In all other residential areas, all bicycles, regardless of condition, will be removed unless the owner has made prior arrangements with University Police.

If you do not wish your bicycle to be removed, contact University Police to obtain an identification device for your bike to prevent its removal.

Under North Carolina law, unclaimed bicycles are donated to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization after a designated waiting period.

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