Janine Iamunno

Executive Director

This recipe combines the sweetness of shortbread with the savory surprise of rosemary. It's a great cookie metaphor for what we do in the Office of University Relations: pulling together the best, and sometimes unexpected, ingredients to tell the UNCW story in the most "delicious" way we can!‎‎

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies
  1. 1 1/2 c. unsalted butter
  2. 2/3 c. white sugar
  3. 2 tbsp. chopped fresh rosemary
  4. 2 3/4 c. all-purpose flour
  5. 1/4 tsp. salt
  6. 2 tsp. white or silver sugar for decoration

In a medium bowl, cream butter and 2/3 cup of sugar until light and fluffy.

Stir in the flour, salt and rosemary until well blended. The dough will be soft. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper.

On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to 1/4 inch-thickness. Cut into rectangles 1 1/2x2 inches in size. Place cookies 1 inch apart on the lined cookie sheets.

Sprinkle the remaining sugar over the top of the squares.

Bake for 8 minutes or until the edges are golden. Cool on wire racks, and store in an airtight container at room temperature.