Interested in Community Service But Not sure where to start?

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have you been assigned community service?

Visit our Assigned Service page to learn more about assigned community service for class and conduct requirements.

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Additional Resources- Community Service

How-To connect with a Non-Profit organization:

  1. Find out who is the best, or most responsive, contact
  2. Meet with your contact in person
  3. Learn about the nonprofit's population and cause
  4. Ask what THEY need from volunteers and fund-raisers
  5. Follow through with what you say you will do
  6. Assess the nature, impact, and your personal growth from the experience
  7. Express gratitude for the opportunity to serve

Still haven't found a community service project to join?

Check out our Signature Service and Ongoing Projects page. You can check out Volunteer Match and Get Connected to see volunteer needs locally, in your area of interest!

"So you want to volunteer. Now what?"

Take a moment to read this interesting blog post from Points of Light on how to begin volunteering!

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