Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Discover Your Strengths with StrengthsFinder Workshops

What is StrengthsFinder?The Clifton StrengthsFinder is the culmination of more than 50 years of Dr. Donald O. Clifton's lifelong work: leading millions of people around the world to discover their strengths. The simple online assessment and accompanying resources and materials are your portal to discovering your Strengths - making success in life and leadership within your grasp.

Discover Your Strengths

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement offers you the opportunity to take this assessment and provides facilitated discussion about its personal and organizational uses. You can get this experience free of charge at one of our Open Sessions taking place this semester. Registration is required to attend. To participate, register at the link below at least one week prior to your desired session. 

StrengthsFinder Workshops: February 17th and March 31st from 12:30 to 2pm in the Cape Fear Room, Fisher University Union 2019


Request a Workshop

If you have an interest in having StrengthsFinder© facilitated for your student group/class/organization, please contact Erin Williamson in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. StrengthsFinder has previously been presented to the Campus Life Staff, Campus Life Student Workers, the Student Government Association Cabinet, the Student Leadership and Engagement Professional and Student Staff, and The Career Center Staff. You can request one or both of our Strengths sessions. We are also happy to customize your Strengths experience based on the needs of your group. Below are our available workshops:

Strengths 1.0: My Strengths and How I Use Them

This workshop is ideal for individuals new to StrengthsFinder. Facilitators provide context on StrengthsFinder, participants' individual Strengths, and make connections outside of the student group or classroom context. After participating in the Strengths 1.0 workshop, participants will be able:

  • Articulate one benefit of Strengths-based leadership
  • List and describe their Top 5 Strengths
  • Give an example of each of their Top 5 Strengths in action
  • Connect their Strengths to the appropriate Strength domain
  • Articulate how their Strengths apply to other contexts

Strengths 2.0: Strengths and Others

After participating in Strengths 1.0, dive deeper into Strengths with Strengths 2.0. This workshop will focus on applying StrengthsFinder knowledge towards working with groups and teams. This workshop can be geared toward specific work or staff teams to maximize teamwork and knowledge about each other. After participating in the Strengths 2.0 workshop, participants will be able:

  • List and describe the four Strength domains
  • Give one example of others' Strengths in action
  • Apply Strengths to role expectations within team or other context (office, organization, etc.)
  • Communicate two ways to incorporate Strengths into ongoing group or team development

Purchasing the StrengthsFinder Assessment

For StrengthsFinder Workshop requests, The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement does not provide codes to take the online assessment needed to participate. Individuals or groups interested in taking part in this opportunity can purchase codes the following ways:

  • Purchase the book from The current cost of the book is $15.99 and includes one code to take the assessment and a hardcover book to reference for your top five strengths and the strengths of others. Please be sure to purchase a new book, as used books may have a used code, rendering the book useless!
  • Purchase a code and download the e-book. This option also costs $15.99. Purchase e-books here.
  • Purchase a code only. While the book provides the most depth on each Strength, this option is useful when coupled with a facilitated StrengthsFinder experience, as we provide supporting information in place of the book. This option uses StrengthsQuest, an affiliate of StrengthsFinder specifically marketed to educational groups. Purchase codes here.