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Ed Lab Hosts Author Showcase

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Each semester, Watson College students tutor elementary school age children in the Betty Holden Stike Education Laboratory. The children work with their tutors to write and illustrate original stories and poems. The students and tutors gathered to share their work, reading stories aloud to parents, family and friends at the semi-annual Author Showcase held in the Education Lab March 25-26.

A sampling of some of the writing included in this semester’s Author Showcase magazine is included below. Copies of the magazine are available in the Ed Lab for those interested in reading more.

Good Night Jin, A going to bed story

Dad reads a book to me.
I brush my teeth.
My dad says “Go to bed. Go to bed, Jin.”
I read a book to my dad.
I fall asleep.
My dad falls asleep.

The End.






The Startled Cow

Once there was a cow that lived on a farm.
He liked to splash mud all over my arm.
He ate all of the bright green grass.
He was scared when the horses would pass.
When he was startled he let out a big “moo!”
He would warn all of his brothers and sisters too.


Author ShowFree Rice

Free Rice (freerice.com) is a website that sends rice to families in need. There are lots of subjects and for every question you get correct, you donate ten grains of rice. When you get an answer incorrect you do not donate any rice, but you don’t lose any rice either.

Free Rice was first launched in October of 2007 and has fed millions of people. The rice is paid for by sponsors and when you get the answer right you can see who donated the ten grains at the bottom of the screen, by an advertisement.

There are many different subjects. For example, my favorite is multiplication. I like using Free Rice because it has helped me improve in multiplication. Now I can respond even faster! It has also helped me improve in spelling and grammar.

My tutor, Miss Tatum, and I have currently donated 5,000 grains of rice. It takes 19,200 grains to feed one person for a whole day. So we are trying our best to feed at least one person before April 15, 2014!

I encourage you all to do Free Rice because it not only makes an impact on the world, but it also makes an impact on you because it makes you smarter!