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Frequently Asked Clicker Questions

As the semester is well under way, we wanted to offer a helpful reminder on a frequently asked question we’ve been seeing. Several professors have come to us asking why they are seeing their student’s device register responses, and yet scores for that student are not uploading to Blackboard. The most likely issue is that the student has not fully registered and linked their turning point account.

You can check to see who is and isn’t registered correctly in the TurningPoint Cloud application, under the Manage tab.

  • Click on your Participant List in the left column, then click “edit participants” in the lower right. You can then sort the list by any field, including “License Status” and “Device ID”.
  • If the student’s License Status is inactive, it means they either have not used the Blackboard Course Tool link “Turning Account Registration”, or they have not bought/entered a Turning Account License.
  • Anyone with an “Active” License will have a longer numeric Device ID (their ResponseWare account), but they need a 6-Digit Device ID if they are using a clicker.

In order for a student’s responses to register and upload to Blackboard, they must complete all three steps in linking their account to your course. The steps are:

  1. Go to Blackboard and click on the “Turning Account Registration” Tool in your course tools, and make a Turning Account using their UNCW email (if they haven’t already).
  2. Once logged into their Turning Account from this link, student need to ensure all three checkboxes along the top of their account homepage are checked. The third box (Learning Management System) will already be checked so long as they have logged into their account using the link from Blackboard.
  3. The first and second checkboxes (License and Device) can be clicked to take the student to the respective locations.
    • License: a Turning Account License must be purchased and registered. If the student bought a new clicker this semester, it should have come with a scratch-off card with the license number for them to enter. They could also have bought the scratch-off card by itself at the bookstore. They can additionally go to the “student store” in the left-hand menu of the Turning Account and purchase a license online.
    • Device: If a student is using a Clicker, they need to register the clicker’s ID in their account. If a student is using their smartphone or laptop to respond via ResponseWare, they do not need a device.

Once all three checkboxes are green, the student is fully registered, and once you update your participant list, all of the student’s responses will link to their name.

If you have already uploaded sessions to Blackboard and student received zeros for not being registered, their grades have still been captured by the system – you can re-upload the session after updating your participant list. The grade column in Blackboard will be updated appropriately with the student’s actual scores.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the TAC and/or put in a ticket by clicking here.

Hope this helps!

Thank you,
ITS Classroom Operations