Security Corner

Don’t be Fooled by Hackers: Tips for Identifying Email Scams

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Please be on the lookout for suspicious emails in your Inbox, and don’t click on any links within them. Note the tips below for identifying email & phishing scams.

According to the SANS Institute, if an email message contains any of the following phrases, there's a good chance it is a phishing scheme:

  • We need to verify your account information.
  • If you don't respond immediately, your account will be cancelled.
  • Click the link below to update your information.

You should also watch for the following information to help identify possible scams:

  • A generic greeting instead of the email being addressed specifically to you
  • Unknown or unfamiliar email addresses
  • Requests for confidential information
  • Numerous spelling errors or typos

If you receive such an email: 

  • Do not click on any links within the email.
  • Delete the email from your Inbox.

If you happened to click on links in the email:

ITS does everything we can to keep SPAM, including phishing attacks, to a minimum. Occasionally a fraudulent message will get through, so we recommend that you keep your antivirus up to date and be aware of steps you can take to protect yourself.

If you do not have antivirus installed on your computer, you may download a free copy for your personal (non-UNCW) computer from the UNCW Antivirus Web Page. If you require assistance, please contact the TAC at (910) 962-4357 or