Alex Aziz

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Alex Aziz

Alex Aziz is a skilled Technology Assistance Center (TAC) student worker who has been employed by the TAC for just over three years. He began in March of 2012—during his freshman year—and is now a “veteran” student worker. As a veteran, Alex is a go-to person for other student workers. Bob Greene, the Technology Assistance Center and Services Manager notes, “Alex is a role model for other TAC student workers. His motivation, dedication and technical insight have inspired others to put forth their best efforts. Alex has the position of veteran student worker and acts as a resource for other employees due to his in-depth technical knowledge.”

After receiving an internship at Apple in Cupertino, CA this past summer, Alex was able to apply software engineering skills learned at the TAC and in his UNCW classes while also augmenting his knowledge by working with numerous Apple products. He hopes to interview with Apple again soon for a permanent position as a software engineer. Alex is also pleased to have an upcoming interview with Google at the headquarters in Mountain View, CA for a permanent position. According to Bob Greene, “Alex is a prime example of a win-win situation where he has enhanced his education and career while assisting UNCW students, faculty and staff with their technical situations at TAC. We are confident he will go forward and do great things at great companies.” 

Alex is set to graduate in May 2015 with a computer science degree and a concentration in business. He chose the business concentration because of his desire to work for a large, global business such as Apple or Google. “Having the benefit of working for a technology ‘business’ while taking classes on the subject has allowed me to have a great hands-on experience while in school. I would recommend it to anyone in any major,” Alex states.

Applying his technical knowledge and programming, Alex designed programs that help train new TAC employees. The TAC Reference App assists student workers in learning the specialties in each ITS service area while also providing them with important contact information. He also created “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and “Jeopardy” – TAC Style – which are computer applications that help new student workers remember the information they learned during a week of “boot-camp” training received before starting at the TAC.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys videogames and basketball. He is very excited to graduate in May and start a new endeavor with all of the technological information he has gained in his years at the TAC and as a student at UNCW. Dali Hiltebeitel, the TAC supervisor notes, “It has been wonderful to be able to provide an environment for Alex to professionally grow in. He has been a great asset, and we are very proud of him now and in his future endeavors.”