Tyler Loftis

Monday, September 15, 2014

With a BFA in creative writing from UNCW under his belt, student developer Tyler Loftis is just two semesters away from a second degree: a BS in computer science. Information Technology Systems (ITS) is fortunate to have this impressive student employee working alongside ITS staff and other student developers who focus on developing and modifying applications that improve campus efficiencies. According to his supervisor, Kris Anderson, "As soon as Tyler came on board he started developing applications. His wiliness to dig in and do the work is outstanding. He has been a great addition to our team."

Some of Tyler's noteworthy projects to date include the Case Manage application upgrade and a new Phishing simulator application. With his writing background and his current computer science major, Tyler is also a great fit for writing technical documentation, a talent he has embraced.

Upon graduation, Tyler hopes to enter a career in programming and to ultimately break into game design. When he is not busy attending classes, studying and working for ITS, Tyler works on independent video game projects and produces music. Of note, this talented student also plays piano and keyboards.

Tyler notes, "Gaming is the intersection of creative writing, computer science and music… It is a platform for great storytelling because it fully involves the player in the narrative and allows them to create their own experience."

When asked if he has any advice for fellow students, he says he would like them to know that they should not be afraid to "explore courses of study outside your comfort zone." He states, "Even if you are 90 percent sure you want to be in a certain major there is still a 10 percent chance you might find your niche in another area."

Tyler is pleased that both his BFA and upcoming BS provide him with unique skills which will be helpful in his desired field of programming and breaking into game design. As for his employment at UNCW, Tyler says that he is very happy to have an office on campus and to be doing something that he loves. And ITS is happy to have this talented student employee on their team.