Chelsea Deaner

Monday, May 12, 2014

The talented and versatile Chelsea Deaner, who will soon be heading into her senior year, has accomplished a great deal at UNCW so far. For starters, she has worked at the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) for nearly two years and currently serves as a TAC Team Lead, an honor for a TAC student worker. As a team lead, Chelsea works in a "student manager" capacity and is closely involved in hiring new students and training them, while also providing technology support to the campus community.

According to Bob Greene, director of the department of Technology Assistance Center Services, "As a TAC Team Lead, Chelsea is part of the glue that creates a cohesive team focused on customer service. Her positive attitude and friendly demeanor are contagious and truly appreciated by TAC clients."

Chelsea's interests are diverse, which is perhaps best illustrated in her double major: Information Technology and Creative Writing. Bob Greene notes, "Chelsea is part of a rare character set that enables a 'computer geek' to also be creative. Among other things, she was featured in an UNCW creative writing book and created Vine videos for ITS services."

She also received "honorable mention" in Randall Library's Flash Fiction Contest this past January, and currently she has a murder mystery comedy showing at TheatreNOW, a dinner theatre in downtown Wilmington. Co-written with her friend, Ryan Trimble, "Murder at the Country Club" will be running from May 2 - 31 (details on TheatreNOW site:

As for future goals, Chelsea hopes to obtain an internship at Cisco next summer to further hone her technology skills, and she ultimately plans to be a network engineer architect who writes on the side, primarily young adult and children's literature. She is also very interested in network security. She notes, "I've learned so much about technology at UNCW, from my computer classes and the ITS department. So many people have helped me, and I'm so grateful."

Dali Hiltebeitel, TAC supervisor, raves about Chelsea's professionalism and upbeat attitude: "Working with Chelsea has been such a joy. She is always there when you need her." Dali goes on to give one example of many: "Once I sent her an email with the subject 'need your help.' I just needed her input on a ticket from earlier in the day, and I was hoping to talk to her on the phone before her next class, which was in 15 minutes. Instead of calling, she ran to the TAC from the CIS building within minutes of receiving the email. She really brought a smile to my face with her dedication and enthusiasm for working here!"

Chelsea says that some of her favorite things about working at the TAC include her "amazing" co-workers and the experience she is gaining. "The TAC is a great place! It's wonderful to see what students need in technology and be able to make changes to help solve issues... An example would be the charging stations we recently put in the TAC. So many people were asking for a place to charge their phones securely in the library. Now they have it!"

What does she do when she is not working at the TAC, going to class, writing plays and filming Vine videos? She's probably hanging out with her cocker spaniel poodle mix (see photo) and continuing to add accomplishments to her already impressive resume.