Christian Cook

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christian Cook-a junior Biology major and Dean's List student who plans to apply for dental school-has cultivated an additional area of expertise during his time at UNCW: information technology. Ever since the beginning of his freshman year, Christian has worked for Information Technology Systems (ITS) in the networking department where he provides face to face troubleshooting on networking issues, in addition to behind the scenes work on the network infrastructure.

Not only does Cook work for ITS during the academic year, but he also does so throughout the summer months. He finds the year-round aspect of the job very rewarding and notes that it is a wonderful learning experience. He feels that this position has given him an amazing opportunity, especially considering how technological the medical practice has become in recent years. "I have learned so much from this position that it's, in essence, like getting an additional degree. It's a remarkable opportunity," he notes.

Given his exceptional performance in ITS and his commitment to his studies, it is almost hard to believe that Cook has two additional jobs: manager at Atlanta Bread Company and volunteer intern at Cape Fear Clinic in the dental branch where he assists dentists. It is clear that this student, who is also an Eagle Scout, thrives on challenges and chances for growth.

According to his colleague Mike Yelverton, Network Analyst, "Christian Cook is a great worker with a great work ethic. I have never had to question any task that he has attempted. He always gives his best, in his schoolwork and in all tasks we have assigned him. We have been lucky to find a student like him to work with us."

When asked about his favorite part of working for ITS, Cook noted that his favorite components of the job include "the relationships built with co-workers… and also the knowledge gained." He emphasizes, "I love where I work and the people I work with." He further notes that he truly enjoys helping people and communicating with faculty, staff and students to help solve their technology issues.

Cook plans to use his numerous talents to pursue a career as a pediatric dentist.