Cassandra Owens

Monday, August 26, 2013

Set to graduate in December 2013, Cassandra Owens already has an impressive job lined up in Raleigh, North Carolina at Credit Suisse, a Switzerland-based multinational financial services holding company. This accomplished student, who currently works for Information Technology Systems (ITS) at both the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) and B1NAR1ES Tech Store, spent this past summer interning at Credit Suisse on their support team, and she made such a great impression that she was offered a job upon graduation.

Cassandra has been highly involved at UNCW ever since she first arrived on campus. During her time at UNCW, she has been employed in several departments, such as the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, formerly CLES, and the Call Center where she raised $3000 in one semester. She has worked at the TAC since 2011 and has served as a TAC team lead since May 2012. As a team lead, Cassandra is responsible for training new student workers, assisting current student workers and providing a first point of contact for any student workers who need help. Just recently she expanded her scope of work to include B1NAR1ES where she is helping support clients while also learning more about computer hardware. "I just disassembled my first computer!" she notes.

When asked what she has learned from working at the TAC and B1NAR1ES, Cassandra astutely replies, "You learn the skill of how to research for yourself… how to find the answers for yourself. You realize that if you have the resources, you can find what you need to know." She goes on to say that the skills she has obtained by working for ITS can't be taught in class. "You learn how to deal with people of all backgrounds," she says. "You don't learn this from a book."

According to Bob Greene, director of the department of Technology Assistance Center Services, "Cassandra is the epitome of applied learning opportunities and success stories within ITS. Her motivation, positive attitude and technical abilities make her a valuable member of the team and a great role model for student employees." Cassandra's direct supervisor, Dali Hiltebeitel, agrees. "From the first moment I met Cassandra and saw her strength, confidence and willingness to do what it takes to succeed, I knew we needed her at the TAC! I have seen her grow over the years in the connections she makes with people, and she genuinely cares. When she puts her mind to something, she does not fail."

In addition to working and going to class, Cassandra also serves on the UNCW Dean's advisory council. With an MIS major and a minor in leadership, Cassandra's plans include a future in management and leadership. She ultimately wants to attend graduate school where she hopes to obtain an MBA. With her aptitude for leadership and support and her seemingly unlimited energy, there is little doubt that this versatile student will achieve her goals.