Adam Beame

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adam Beame, a graduate student in the Cameron School of Business' Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program, began working at the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) on his first day in grad school. But he already knew he'd like the job, since he worked at the TAC as an undergrad as well. Taking only one semester between his graduation from UNCW with a BA in Economics and his return to the MSA program, Beame eagerly came back to UNCW and his position as a student worker at the TAC. He notes, "The TAC staff makes the TAC such a great environment to work in… Being able to work with such a great team is one of my biggest motivators to come back and work at the TAC."

Currently the VP and Captain of the UNCW Fencing Club, this student has impressive goals for after graduation. His first goal is to take and pass the CPA exam, and after that he is looking forward to starting a job in Technology Risk Consulting with Deloitte in Miami, FL. In the meantime, Beame will continue to build real-world skills at the TAC. He notes that what he likes best about his student job is how "client-facing" his role is. "In every interaction I have with faculty, staff, and students I do my utmost to ensure I am easy to talk to and concise in providing solutions. It is also interesting to get to meet such a wide variety of the campus community in my position," he states.

Bob Greene, Director of Technology Assistance Center Services, is thrilled to have such an impressive student worker back on his team. "We are proud that students like working here so much that they come back."