Bryan Florkiewicz

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bryan Florkiewicz is 18 years old and already a junior at UNCW.

As an Isaac Bear Early College High School student, Bryan began taking college classes at UNCW in 2010, and although this year is his first as an official "UNCW student," he already has the credit hours of a junior. Pretty impressive stuff for this computer science major and Dean's List student!

In addition to his commitment to academics, Bryan also serves on the Student IT Advisory Council (a group of nominated students who work with the CIO of Information Technology Systems to enhance and increase information technology services to students to best meet their ever changing needs in this living & learning community). As a member of the council for the past three years, Bryan's input has been instrumental in helping Information Technology Systems with the prioritization of student technology needs. Bryan notes, "This council is such a great opportunity for student voices to be heard."

With his dedication to continual growth and learning, Bryan utilizes his computer skills as a student worker at Binaries Technology Store (Fisher University Union) where he repairs laptops, reformats computers and performs numerous other duties. According to Phoebe Tseh, his supervisor at Binaries, "Even though Bryan is the youngest member of our staff he was promoted to Lead Student last semester… Bryan takes accountability and responsibility to a whole new level and we will be always indebted to him for the success of Binaries." Before working at Binaries, this proactive student ran a computer repair service out of his home for his community.

When asked about his goals, Bryan replies with enthusiasm, "I'd like to make it to grad school and ultimately work for either Google or IBM in programming or management." Given his outstanding work ethic and impressive skills, there is no doubt that this student will reach his goals.