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Friends of COM Newsletter

Dr. Olsen Said What?

Any COM student who has the privilege of having a conversation with Dr. Olsen often leaves with a sense of awe at his infectious, energetic, and passionate personality. As a sophomore, interviewing the department chair is an intimidating task; however I quickly felt at ease as I began my interview with Dr. Olsen.More

Department News

Dr. Pullum Takes on Faith Healers

Communication Studies Professor and Assistant Chair Dr. Steve Pullum is writing his second book on faith healers. His current work is the follow up to his first book, Foul Demons, Come Out: The Rhetoric of Twentieth-Century American Faith Healing, published by Praeger in 1999. The anticipated title will be Faith Healers and the Bible: What Scripture Really Says.More

Faculty Profiles

The Secret Lives of COM Professors

They teach our classes, advise our clubs, and push the limits of our understanding. Chances are you’ve got a few professors you love and a few you’d rather not hang around with. Believe it or not though, they exist after the clock ticks off those final minutes of class, and not just for office hours.More

Exploring Swansea with Dr. Weber

Dr. David Weber and 20 UNCW students from different majors, including COM, journeyed to Swansea, Wales in January for an experience of a lifetime: studying and teaching abroad, traveling, learning and experiencing a whole new culture for the Spring semester.More

Practicing What They Teach

Do professors actually use what they teach in the classroom in every day life? How will we use what we learn in our personal lives, not just in our careers? These are questions that seem to present themselves during our time in college. To answer that, a few professors let us peek into their lives and see how their passions transfer from the classroom into their personal lives.More

“How Am I Ever Going to Pass COM 400?”

The Communication Studies Capstone (COM 400) is one of a COM major’s final classes before graduating college, and it is one of the most important. This class is stressful, and a lot of work, but will ultimately prepare you for the real world. Dr. Deborah Brunson is one of the four professors teaching COM 400 this semester, and offered a few words of advice on how you can prepare for this course.More

Alumni News

DC Alumni Reception a Success

The Department of Communication Studies held an alumni reception during the National Communication Association’s 99th annual convention in Washington, DC in November 2013. Since the UNCW COM Department always has strong attendance at NCA, the faculty thought it would be a great opportunity for UNCW alumni to reconnect considering there are many UNCW COM alumni living in the DC area. Over 25 alumni and professors attended the reception.More

Hats Off to Our Graduates!

For most UNCW students, summer has meant lazy beach days and zero responsibilities. Even so, for some it now means beginning a new chapter, in which resides a very serious reality check.More

Events and Happenings

Professor Trimble’s Showcase

On March 28, Professor Trimble and his COM 415 students put together a showcase for the Communication Studies Department. This showcase gave COM students that are enrolled in COM 415, Performance Practicum, a chance to really demonstrate their creativity. More

12th Annual Dress for Success Fashion Show

Are you wondering what it takes to look professional? UNCW’s Communication Studies Society hosted “Dress for Success: Avoid a Fashion Scandal” on March 21 at 12:15 pm in the Warwick Center Ballroom on campus. The theme of the show was “Don’t Get Caught in a Fashion Scandal, Find Your Perfect Fit” and it featured business attire that showed students how to compose themselves in a workplace situation.More

Opportunities in COM

Making Networking Work for You

Do you remember your first job? Maybe you did yard work for a friend of your parents over the summer. Perhaps you babysat on the weekends for that young couple from church. Or maybe your friend got you hired on as a cashier at the store they worked in. But what do all of these stories have in common? More

TealTV Becoming More Than Just an Organization

TealTV is UNCW’s student television station. It was created and is run entirely by students of UNCW. TealTV covers sports, news, and entertainment for all of UNCW. The organization provides hands on experience for students in on-air anchoring, video editing, writing, and filming.More

Communication Studies Society Inside and Out

Looking to become involved in a non-profit organization? Whether you are a student interested in building your resume, a sponsor wanting to support the local community, or a faculty member looking to help students outside of the classroom, the Communication Studies Society is more than worthy of your consideration.More

Collaborative Film Forms Student-Teacher Colleagues

The Department of Communication Studies has many different hands on experiences available to students. Dr. Julie-Ann Scott teaches about storytelling and performance studies; with this she offered her students an opportunity to be cast in a 60-minute performance ethnographic film that would be submitted for national review.More