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Puente Elected President of American Psychological Association

Dr. Antonio Puente, professor of psychology, lives a dual life. On UNCW’s campus, he is a smiling, respected professor of classes like Brain & Behavior and Clinical Neuropsychology. However, unlike most professors, Dr. Puente travels regularly to Washington D.C. and other cities across the world to fulfill duties as 2016 president-elect of the American Psychological Association. more...



Seahawks Help Grow Aquaculture in North Carolina

The typical idea of farming includes a picturesque field of crops, cattle grazing in the distance and a big red barn perched on a nearby hillside. Students, staff and faculty at UNCW’s Shellfish Research Hatchery are challenging this mental picture. more...


Using the Past to Make Sense of the Present

History takes part in helping countries learn from the mistakes and successes of the past, social change and civic life. The study of art history, specifically ancient pottery, helps people learn more about daily life, habits, economic exchanges, and architecture, to name a few. For more...


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