Purchasing Guidelines

Purchasing has asked we adhere to the following guidelines, without exception, when purchasing items for the department requiring payment by check request and/or PO (The following does not apply for direct purchases with departmental PACS card, petty cash purchases under $50, and printing services).

  1. Call vendor for a quote of supplies or services.   No orders or commitment of services should be placed at this point.
  2. Quote must be Emailed or Faxed to Department Assistant.
  3. Purchaser should submit a Departmental Request form for approval (BARF) of chair.
  4. Department Chair approval required with Budget account
  5. Once approved by the chair, a Requisition will be entered or PACS Card purchase made by the Office Assistant
  6. In case of an Emergency or unexpected Rush Order - Purchaser may use Personal Credit Card, and then submit a reimbursement request.
  7. Purchases under $50.00 - Petty cash only.

All requests will be subject to the BARF form and the procedures above, with the exception of Printing Services request.   


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