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The MPA program at UNCW attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, holding undergraduate degrees in a variety of academic fields. Currently, there are about 60 enrolled students who share our commitment to public and nonprofit education and management. The following is a list of currently enrolled students.

Currently Enrolled Students Fall 2015

Name Concentration
Carmen Simone Barbuto Public Management
Joshua Derek Barton Public Management
Rachel Leann Bodkin-Fox Public Policy Analysis
Brittany Noel Bottoms Urban & Regional Policy Analysis
Lauren Anne Bruce Nonprofit Management
Carrie Amanda Carter Public Policy Analysis
Aaron Coby Chavis Nonprofit Management
Olivia Elaine Cunningham Public Management
Caroline Elizabeth Dawkins Public Management
Gina Marie DeMattia Nonprofit Management
Kori Lyn Deschamps Nonprofit Management
Sarah Elizabeth Dinkins
Environmental Policy & Management
Olivia Lee Dorsey Public Management
Bige Eversole Public Management
Joseph Cleveland Fields Public Management
Keith Ryan Fraser Public Management
Somonia Shaw Freeman
Public Management
Jennifer Anne Gallimore Public Management
Nichole Irene Geczi Public Management
Nicole Lynette Hagenson-Gordon Coastal Policy & Management
Jana Jones Halls Public Management
Marissa Lynn Hankins Nonprofit Management
Joseph Louis Harris Public Policy Analysis
Craig Matthew Murphy Harris Public Management
Sarah Elizabeth Hartz Nonprofit Management
Nicole Lynn Haynes Public Management
Katia Leshe Holliday Nonprofit Management
Scott Alan Hook Public Management
Cynthia Stokes Hucks Public Management
Derrick Anthony Jones Public Management
Nicholas Alan Kerner Public Management
Abby Matthews Kriegsman Public Management
Arthur Kevin Lackey Urban & Regional Policy Analysis
Phillip Luke Lamotte Pubilc Policy Analysis
Jarred Parker Lee
Public Management
Andrea Louise Massey Public Management
Robert Benjamin Mendenhall Public Management
David Franklin Morrison Public Management
Lisa Duong Nguyen Public Management
Kelly Marie Mortland Public Policy Analysis
Julie Lynn Jones Neill Public Management
Anna Meghan Nunn Public Policy Analysis
Leslie Flowers Ogilvie Public Management
Jessica Breanne Overton Public Management
Matthew Butler Peagler
Nonprofit Management
Christina Joann Perez Nonprofit Management
Veronica Elly Reid Public Management
Anne Marie Robertson Nonprofit Management
Matthew Edward Santoyo Public Management
Michele Greene Singer Public Management
Hayley Kristen Sink Nonprofit Management
Linda Carol Adkins Skipper Public Management
Jessica Perry Stone Public Management
Barnes Joseph Allen Sutton Public Management
Aileen Melissa Sutton Public Management
Joshua Randal Swift Public Management
Kasey Morgan Swing Nonprofit Management
Tommy Thomas Taylor Nonprofit Management
Christopher Everett Teeter Nonprofit Management
Patricia Lynne Thompson Public Management
Staci Nicole Thomson Nonprofit Management
Eliot Ross Ward Public Management
Shelby Brooke White Public Management
Rileigh Kristina Wilkins Public Management
Megan LeAnne Upchurch Environmental Policy & Management
Alexandria Noel Vreugdenhil Coastal Policy & Management
Margaret Shaw Young Public Management

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