Master of Public Administration



The MPA program at UNCW attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, holding undergraduate degrees in a variety of academic fields. Currently, there are over 60 enrolled students who share our commitment to public and nonprofit education and management. The following is a list of currently enrolled students.

Currently Enrolled Students Fall 2017

Adams, Monterai D Urban & Reg Policy & Plan
Aljoe, Tanna K Nonprofit Management
Bennett, Megan M Undecided
Brantley, Justin B Urban & Reg Policy & Plan
Brickels, Sarah Q Nonprofit Management
Burns, Charlton S Public Management
Carter, Robert L Public Management 
Chavez, Rachel J Public Management
Christian, Kaitlyn R Nonprofit Management
Conway, Kaitlin M Undecided
Croom, Jeremy S Public Management
Cunningham, Olivia E Public Management
Demattia, Georgina M Nonprofit Management
Fraser, Keith R Public Management
Geczi, Nicole I Nonprofit Management
Gurley, Kayla E Public Management
Hartz, Sarah E Nonprofit Management
Henley, Travis N Coastal Planning & Mgmt
Horne, Jessica B Public Management
Jennings, Michael T Public Management
Johnson, Amanda T Public Management
Jones, Nathan E Undecided
Keith, Rachel B Undecided
Kelly, Kiara S Environmental Policy and Management
Ledford, Matthew R Environmental Policy and Management
Leonard, Zoe E Public Policy Analysis
Morrison, David F Nonprofit Management
Harris, Craig M Public Management
Padilla, Brianna A Public Policy Analysis
Pate, Joshua T Nonprofit Management
Poland, Courtney M Public Management
Pollock, Angela M Public Management
Rickert, Christopher B Public Management
Sawyer, Colby W Public Management
Scire, Elizabeth C Nonprofit Management 
Simons, Heather R Nonprofit Management
Singer, Michele G Public Management
Smith, Gideon H Urban & Reg Policy & Plan
Smith, Zachary L Coastal Planning & Mgmt
Stanley, Scott C Urban & Reg Policy & Plan
Stone, Jessica P Public Management
Sutton, Aileen M Nonprofit Management
Sykes, Michael R Public Policy Analysis
Taylor, Walter T Nonprofit Management
Wilkins, Jordan E Nonprofit Management
Willis, Nicole L Nonprofit Management
Wirth, Genevieve C Public Management
Zavala, Jasmine N Nonprofit Management