Kayak Instructor

Kayak Instructor (1 position)

Apply Here: please submit the Kayak Instructor Application | PDF with resumé to Dr. Sue Kezios

As the MarineQuest kayak instructor you will be responsible for teaching and leading trips for students ages 9 - 17. Many of the students are first-time kayakers. Trips will range from 2 to 4 hours and will be primarily to saltmarsh based habitats. You will be required to work independently while transporting kayaks to various locations. Each trip will include a maximum of 20 students and two additional MarineQuest staff. MarineQuest uses tandem "sit-on-top" kayaks for students and solo kayaks for the instructors. Instructors must be able to drive a 15 passenger van and tow kayak trailer with 12-16 kayaks atop it.

  1. Provide "hands-on, feet-wet" kayak instruction for MarineQuest participants age 9 to 17
  2. Supervise participants on land, water, and boats
  3. Provide first aid to participants
  4. Behavior management
  5. Clean up and maintenance of equipment, including kayaks
  6. Transport kayaks on trailer
  7. Carry and secure kayaks on trailer
  8. Provide safe kayak trips for program participants
  9. Politely manage any community complaints on site and report to MarineQuest supervisor
  1. ACA level 2 Kayak Instructor (or equivalent) Certification required
  2. Lifeguard Certification is required by the start of employment
  3. CPR/First Aid certification is required by the start of employment
  4. Must be at least 21 (by June 2017) and have a valid driver's license
  5. Must be able to lead and participate in outdoor learning experiences (rain or shine)
  6. Must have strong oral communication skills to communicate effectively with campers and staff
  7. Must demonstrate initiative and leadership qualities
  8. Must have previous experience and desire to work with youth
  9. Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds without assistance over you head multiple times
  10. Preference is for candidates pursuing or who have completed a bachelors degree in a field of study related to the marine sciences, education, and/or EVS.
  11. Knowledge of local marine habitats is a plus
Terms of Employment:
  1. Summer: June 11 through August 4, Monday through Friday (some evening and weekend trips may be required); additional spring employment may be available March through May (contact Harris Muhlstein if interested in spring employment).
  2. Summer training during the week of June 2 through June 9
  3. Summer hours: average work week is approximately 30 to 40 hours between the hours of 7:45 am-4:15 pm Monday-Friday (occasional weekend work required); Spring hours: sporadic and part-time as needed based on program registrations
  4. Pay rate starting at $9.00 per hour (dependent upon qualifications)
  5. Employment is subject to a driving record, criminal and Homeland Security background check