Marine Science Day Camps - UNC Wilmington MarineQuest

Saturday Morning Marine Explorers

Saturday Morning Marine Explorers returns! Join our MarineQuest staff this fall for Saturday mornings filled with exciting scientific fun at the UNCW Center for Marine Science. Each month we focus on a different theme as we get hands-on to explore sea creatures, marine habitats and ocean phenomena through lab experiments, field activities, games, art and more. Experience first-hand what it's like to be a true Marine Explorer!

Marine Explorers (ages 7-10*) includes our classic Saturday programming where youngsters will dive in and learn what it feels like to be a true Marine Explorer! *participant should have completed 1st grade prior to start of series

  • 9:00 a.m. - Noon (please send snack and drink)
  • $65 for all 4 sessions or $18 per program
schooling with the fishes

Schooling with the Fishes

September 17, 2016

Why are fish so smart? Because they are always in school! Join MarineQuest as we explore fish behavior and anatomy to uncover why fish love to stay in school!

terrifying tentacles

Terrifying Tentacles

October 15, 2016

Join MarineQuest as we get into the "sting of things" by learning all about octopuses, squid, jellyfish, anemones and more! Discover the many forms and functions of these terrifying tentacles.

bountiful harvest

Bountiful Harvest

November 19, 2016

Feast your eyes on the oceans bountiful sea life. Discover some scrumptious species and learn about different techniques used to harvest them. Explore ways we can cultivate sustainable seafood for future Thanksgivings.

holiday lights

Holiday Lights

December 17, 2016

Get into the holiday spirit with MarineQuest as we uncover the science behind bioluminescence and discover how deep sea organisms create and communicate with their own festive lights.