students working on sea art

Shore Shots Instructor, Photographer/Videographer, Editing Staff Employment

Instructors (1-2 positions)

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Has the opportunity to lead a program focused on documenting environmental issues in coastal habitats and the marine environment. Students will gain inspiration from the marine environment through field trips to various locations. It is critical for this camp that instructors have an appreciation for marine science as well as background in photography (familiarity with GoPros is a plus), videography, and editing software/techniques. Your appreciation for marine science will drive the inspiration that students get from their surroundings. Shore Shots instructors will help provide students with the opportunity to create a marine science themed PSA by designing, shooting, and editing original video footage. In addition to Shore Shots, this position has the opportunity to work with other camps (Sea Shots) to edit photographs and footage that will be shown at their camp parent presentations.

Student ages: 12 - 17


  1. Provide "hands-on, feet-wet" instruction for campers age 12-17
  2. Supervise Shore Shots campers on land and water (including on boats), in classroom, in the field, and during lunch; Supervise Shore Shots and Sea Shots campers in the editing lab.
  3. Provide first aid to campers
  4. General clean up and maintenance of camp
  5. Transport campers in 15-passenger vans safely
  6. Maintain photography/videography equipment,supplies, and editing lab.
  7. Behavior management
  1. Must be at least 21 and have a valid driver's license
  2. Must be able to lead and participate in demanding outdoor learning experiences (rain or shine)
  3. Must have strong oral communication skills to communicate effectively with campers, parents, and staff
  4. Must demonstrate initiative and leadership qualities
  5. Must have previous experience working with youth and a desire to work with younger kids, pre-teens and teens
  6. Preference is for candidates who have already completed a bachelors degree in a field of study such as art, communications, film, etc. Minimum requirement is three years towards a bachelor's degree in a field of study.
  7. Previous experience working with photography, videography, film editing is necessary for success.
  8. Knowledge of local marine habitats, boating and kayaking experience are all a plus
  9. CPR/First Aid is required (must be obtained by June 12, 2016)
  10. Lifeguard Certification is preferred (may be obtained by June 12, 2016; MarineQuest may attempt to organize an American Red Cross class before staff training begins. Cost would be approximately $250.00. If interested in this option, please contact Erin Moran); however we encourage you to pursue alternate certification options.
Terms of Employment:
  1. July 3-8, Monday through Friday for Shore Shots; June 19-24 for Sea Shots (evenings in the editing lab)
  2. Training during the week of June 5 through June 10
  3. Average work week for Shore Shots is 40 hours from 7:45am-4:15pm Monday-Thursday, and 7:45am-1:45pm Friday. Editing also takes place 2-3 evenings per week for Sea Shots.
  4. Pay rate starts at $8.50/hr, dependent on qualifications

Employment is subject to a criminal and Homeland Security background check