Logo Policies

UNCW logos and trademarked verbiage are the property of UNCW. Use of UNCW logos must comply with UNCW policies, which apply to all visual representations of the university: signs, video productions, exhibit materials, websites etc., as well as printed and electronic publications.

UNCW logo goods to be used by businesses and vendors, or a division, department or organization of the university, must be obtained from a licensed manufacturer and approved by UNCW Licensing prior to production.

No department, division, organization may authorize the production of merchandise bearing the university’s name or logo, or authorize or produce items that combine the logo with any other name or logo unless approved by UNCW Licensing and all appropriate administrative office(s).

Use of University Marks

Only appropriate use of the university’s marks is permitted.

  • No references to alcohol, drugs or tobacco-related products may be used.
  • No material that may be demeaning to individuals or institutions (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, gender, or disability-related matters) may be used.
  • No profanity may be used.


  • Logos must be reproduced in the university’s official PMS colors in approved combinations.

  • Official colors of UNC Wilmington are specified using the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

    Seahawk Teal is PMS 329
    Seahawk Yellow is PMS 108
    Seahawk Navy is PMS 281
    Seahawk Gold Accent is PMS 120


  • Licensed university logos may not be distorted or redrawn, rescanned, stretched, repositioned or modified in any form.
  • The Seahawk Spirit logo must never be reversed and must always face left.

Use with Other Trademarks (co-branding)

  • Any use of university marks with other trademarks must be approved by UNCW Licensing or through university contract.


  • Must have expiration date on the packages.

Current Players

  • No use of current players’ names, images or likeness is permitted that would violate NCAA rules and regulations.

UNCW Music and Songs

  • Any commercial use of UNCW music and songs requires written permission through UNCW Licensing.

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