Windows 7 Training Resources

SkillPort CBT Courses for Windows 7 & Office 2010

In addition to our instructor-led workshops you may take online courses right at your desk via SkillPort CBT. These courses can be accessed from within mySeaport. Log in to mySeaport, and then click the SkillPort CBT icon, located on the mySeaport home page under the e-mail icon. Detailed instructions for using Skillport.

Windows 7 SkillPort CBT Courses

Getting Started with Windows 7

  • Getting around the Windows 7 Interface
  • Introduction to Windows 7
  • The Windows 7 Desktop
  • The Windows 7 Start Menu and Taskbar

Microsoft Windows 7: First Look for End Users

  • Using the Windows 7 Desktop
  • Gadgets and the New Desktop in Windows 7
  • The Taskbar in Windows 7
  • Built-in Programs and Aero in Windows 7
  • Libraries and Homegroup in Windows 7
  • Windows Touch and Windows Media Center in Windows 7
  • Using Libraries and Homegroup in Windows 7

Office 2010 SkillPort CBT Courses

Office 2010 New Core Features

  • Creating Rich Content Using Office 2010

Word 2010, Excel 2010, and the New Office 2010 Interface

  • The Office 2010 Interface
  • Using the Office 2010 Interface

Online Instructional Information

Online Video Tutorials