Microsoft Visio for University-Owned Systems

Versions of Visio available for purchase:

Product Product Number Dell/ASAP Part Number Price
Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard D86-05739 2854621 $27.61
Visio 2016 Standard - License & Maintenance D86-01175 1788980 $49.12
Microsoft Visio 2016 Professional D87-07313 2854620 $52.78
Visio 2016 Pro - License & Maintenance D87-01057 1792382 $96.01

To Order:

  • Create a purchase requisition in uShop.
  • Create a purchase requisition as a non-catalog item. The vendor will be Dell USA LP, but DO NOT use the Dell punchout to order as this software is not available through the punchout.
  • You will need to enter the Product Description, Quantity and Price into the appropriate fields. (See table above.)
  • To simplify ordering and tracking, it is recommended you add the name of the individual who will receive the software in the "Ship-To" field.
  • If ordering multiple licenses you can add a Comment or Internal note in uShop, but you should also include the names of individuals receiving the software when your order confirmation is forwarded to the TAC.
  • Submit the request in uShop.
  • Once you receive confirmation of the purchase from Dell, forward that to and Tami Mansur ( The TAC will then process the ticket and submit the installation request to the building consultant to come out and complete the install. Tami Mansur will add this purchase to the ITS License Database in case the software needs to be reinstalled.
NOTE: If a purchase needs to be made without using uShop, please contact Purchasing at 910-962-3158.

Remote Access

Once you purchase Project for your UNCW-owned computer, you may access it from off-campus computers using Remote Desktop.

If you have any questions, contact the Technology Assistance Center .